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Towing Single Waverunner on a Triton Elite WCII?

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  • Towing Single Waverunner on a Triton Elite WCII?

    I have a Triton WCII and would like to occasionally tow just a single '21 FX on it. I am hoping to take just the one ski for about a 500 mile trip (each way). I would appreciate if anyone could share their experience with towing a single large ski on a double trailer. Does this work? The torsion axle? Am I crazy for thinking about doing this? I'm new to the scene and looking to learn. Thanks.

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    I have towed a double Triton trailer with a single PWC on it several times. No issues related to the load balance.

    The trailer should tow straight without wobble or any other weird dynamics, whether unloaded, fully loaded, or only one PWC loaded.

    Do the proper pre-travel preparations, including checking wheel bearings for play, looseness or bad noises when turned.
    Check the inside of the wheels for signs of grease being slung outwards from a leaking wheel hub seal.

    If the trailer hubs/bearings have not been inspected in recent years, consider doing so. Signs of water/rust inside the hub mean the bearings probably should not be trusted for a long drive.

    Air pressure set to sidewall maximum while tires are cold.
    Check the DOT date code on each tire sidewall, they must be less than seven years since manufacture.
    Check the trailer tire tread areas and sidewalls for possible damage, rubber cracking, bent wheel rim, etc. Check the inside sides too.
    Carry a spare that is not older than the trailer tires on the road. Carry tools to be able to change a trailer tire roadside.

    I have posted elsewhere regarding proper positioning of a PWC hull on a trailer. With a single PWC on a double trailer you probably want the winch tower shifted farther forward so there is more hull weight (as a percentage) on the tow ball. Your Triton is easily adjustable for winch tower location and bow roller height.

    The trailer frame should be level when the car and trailer are loaded and ready for travel.

    The bunks are also adjustable for overhang at the rear (you can swap them end for end and/or change the bunk bracket offset). In general you want the hull forward enough that the rear of the hull overhangs the bunk ends very little, perhaps not at all.

    How to post your question, AFTER you have done your homework
    Asking for help via Private Message?
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      I’ve done it with my triton double plenty of times. I noticed no issues going down the road at all

      I see you’re in Michigan. I’ve made the trip from Milwaukee all the way to lake st Clair this way several times.
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