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  • Fuel usage cruising

    I recently bought my first ski, a GTR230. I adore it. Here's the thing; the range is horrid. I don't mind the fuel cost so much as the fact I can't get very far without range anxiety. I already carry 20L of extra fuel taking it to 80L, but I really want to do some exploring.

    In terms of my riding style, Sport mode is a laugh but I use it 1% of the time. In fact the acceleration is not really a priority, I'm happy to cruise. I'd stick to Eco if it topped out at say 75 instead of 60km/hr. My usually riding is in semi-chop, or open waters with large waves, and so I'm cruising anywhere from 45 to 85km/hr.

    My question is, would I be significantly better off (in terms of range) with a 170 instead? At 85km, the 170 would be pinned wide open whereas the 230 would not be. I'm in a position where I have an opportunity to sell this to a friend and go again at the 170 level, but if it's not going to be much of a difference I'll keep mine for that 1% of the time

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    You’re cruising too fast for any kind of decent fuel economy. Make your cruise 60-65 and you’ll do much better with fuel. With a supercharged ski the best fuel economy will be when you aren’t making boost. You’re also correct that running 85 Kmh with a 170 would have you near full throttle. Fuel economy wouldn’t be good that way either
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      On my FX HO I was getting ~100 miles range when holding the throttle right at 6500 rpm. It used almost as much fuel when fighting the Atlantic Ocean going ~53 miles to Bimini--depending on conditions.