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Some of my other "toys"

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  • Some of my other "toys"

    So i figured i would show you guys where my money goes, and why my rxp's are gonna stay stock for a LOOONNNGGG time. Way to many projects/toys that take up what little time i have...and certainly all my $$

    My pride and joy, 1975 FJ40 with 32k original miles, owned by a guy i know in canada since new, got her as a graduation present when i finished Vet school...

    me, the fj, and my kayak/wifes canoe at the jersey shore

    the m416 military trailer i am restoring for the FJ to convert to a "camper"

    the eventual plan...thats a "roof top" tent on the trailer

    the DD nissan...

    1:10 FJ40 i built - basically built it from the ground up using a little of column a, some of b, and most of c

    the 1:10 as she sits now, with her new jackson cage, and home built (all steel) m416 trailer

    my 2.2 class rc competition crawler - i know 1 tire is different, and there have been some significant changes to the truck since this pic was taken

    my 1:8 brushless buggy - she'll break 60 without trying

    sailing the escape (nicknamed "rubber ducky") - not pictured is my wifes dyer sailing dingy

    the wife on ducky

    my quad - man i just realised how many "toys" i really have

    my other watercraft...2008 native Ultimate 14.5...replaced my kevlar one man canoe that was crushed during a snowstorm...taken prior to adding the dash and sounder.

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    you ever wanna get rid of some of those toys, look me up. sweet fj.


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      Originally posted by BIG CUBE 426
      you ever wanna get rid of some of those toys, look me up. sweet fj.
      thanks man, yea i like my toys, unlikely to part with many of them...


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        hmmm..... i wonder whats pulling the FJ on the trailer in the first photo.... i'm willing to be its big black and is an oil burner...


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          you would be right...its my dads 'beast'...gotta love nearly 1000ft/lbs. the beast didnt even notice the FJ on the trip home from canada...