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    Originally posted by Rocket
    I like this better:

    I know the g-class has a real nice interior, one of my closest friend's fathers had one in high school. But I can never get over the look of that exterior.

    The GL is nice but totally in a different class from the original G, and no way capable of towing as much.

    The interior is okay, not as rugged as I would like it to be but okay-.the exterior is the one that I really appreciate-one of a kind-.only the Jeep Wrangler holds some similarity to it-.plus the exterior was design for military purpose-.flat surface for quick and easy field repair, simple camouflage requirements-..large gaps in-between doors (like semi trucks) to allow of easy opening in case of a rollover.

    But the thing that I love the most-.is that I never found in any other vehicle (to include a M3A3 Bradley tank); once you step in it and close the door and the thing locks-you feel as if the bank vault door has just close and you are totally safe from the world around you and that is priceless.



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      My other passion is boating. Here is pic of what maybe my last bow rider, a 2010 Yamaha 242 Limited S (twin 1,812 cc engines mated to jet pumps).
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        I'm super jealous of that Fountain. I grew up in Missouri, so Reggie Fountain boats were always a big deal at the Lake of the Ozarks, and were always among my favorite. Now that I'm approaching 37 next month and am going on 13 years in the Navy, my wife says I can get a boat when I retire in a few years so I have my heart set on a 35' Fountain Executioner with the twin Merc 496 Mags. What I want and what I'm going to get are two different things, but I scan the classifieds like I'm buying one tomorrow just to see what sellers are getting rid of them for. Now for a truck to pull it. Not sure a Tundra 5.8 is going to cut it...


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          Здравствуйте, у
          меня есть несколько вопросов, но ответить на них будет непросто.
          Что вы думаете о Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 35, это лодка для дальних путешествий? Делитесь советами!
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