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Ninja 250 carburetor issues

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  • Ninja 250 carburetor issues

    I have a ninja 250 that sat for a while, I rebuilt the carbs and cleaned the jets and it's still having problems. It will run with full choke no throttle, and idle at 5000 rpms, but if you let off the choke at all or touch the throttle it dies. I've checked the vacuum lines and fixed them (they got mixed up) and I'll see if it helps once I can run it again. Could there be any other issues that I overlooked or something? I want to be as thorough as possible and make it run as good as I can. Thank y'all for the input!!

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    The valves prolly need to be adjusted, common problem. Or the pilot jets need replaced, not cleaned. It doesn't hurt to bump up a size on the pilots as Kawi has them pretty lean from the factory.

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      If the carbs sat with pump gas in them they will most likely need a through cleaning in an ultrasonic unit or with wires. The sprays just go around the problem. I run 100LL in all of my small engines.


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        Thanks for the great Input, what should the valves be adjusted to?


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          The prolly valve needs to be adjusted.


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            I had the same issue with my 2020 Ninja 250. It was left unattended for a long time after I was transferred. When I came back it didn't started battery were gone. I read an ownership reviews about Kawasaki Ninja 250 regarding fuel-injection system on Mototechindia but it was of no help. Finally I had to take it to service station, it stated but it couldn't even hold the idle for 20 secs. It had issue with the fuel pump, I had to replace it.
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