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Ply+outboard jet ski, need yami hull photos

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  • Ply+outboard jet ski, need yami hull photos

    Hi guys.
    When I was a child I tried PWC and was impressed and decided to get one.
    Two years ago I built this: plywood Pelikan with outboard motor 30hp. I like it. It is a lot of fun of driving it. Top speed is 60 km/h.

    (half of a power)

    But it is time to build new one. A bigger one.
    I like new Yamaha jet skies but there is no good hull photos in the Internet.
    My plan is to make a 3d model using photos (for ex. with ImageModeller), make templates (using pepakura or smth similar) and then build plywood jet ski with car engine and handmade jet pump. Sounds stupid, I know.

    So, I want to ask someone for a favor. If you own Yamaha EXR, EX Deluxe, GP1800, VX Cruiser or smth similar and your jet ski is up side down please send me a pm. I will ask you to put several paper tape markers on main edges and make a dozen photos from different angles.

    It is good idea to buy a used one but there is only one EX Deluxe in my city, costs $11000. My car costs $2500, my income is ~$650 per month and my wife will kill me if I buy it ^_^

    Best regards
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    I'm IMPRESSED! That's great! You put a lot of time and work into it and it works well.

    Where are you located?
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      Where there's a will..........there's a way. I have no doubt your next one will be even better. I shipped a bunch of oddball parts to Russia once. The freight was very expensive. My buyer told me about the average income over there and only the very rich have play toys.