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~ BASIC RULES To Personal Watercraft ~

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    Billy does it again with some great information.
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      Originally posted by RX951 View Post
      PWCs are manufactured by Bombardier (Sea-Doo?«), Honda (AquaTrax?«), Kawasaki (JET SKI?«), and Yamaha (WaveRunner?«).
      POLARIS JK. Nice info...
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        you do not have enough posts to make new threads in this QUOTE=RX951;398501]Good Etiquette

        Do not obstruct the navigation of other vessels.

        Stay away from busy sea areas and do not obstruct the navigation of other vessels.
        Steer away from other vessels before getting unnecessarily close.

        Be careful not to disturb others

        Be careful not to disturb others by revving the motor and making noise.

        Do not litter.

        Stay away from fixed nets and farms.

        Stay away from fisherman and divers.

        To Prevent accident

        Scan Constantly

        Scan constantly for people, objects and other watercraft.
        Be alert for conditions that limit your visibility or block your vision of other.

        Keep Away from intake Grate

        Items such as long hair, loose clothing, or PFD straps can become entangled in moving parts resulting in severe injury or drowning.

        Do Not Apply Throttle when Anyone is at the Rear of the PWC

        Do not apply the throttle when anyone is standing or swimming toward the rear of the PWC. Water and / or debris exiting jet thrust nozzle can cause serious injury.

        Keep out of swimming area.

        Hitting someone in the water can cause serious injury.
        Keep out of swimming area when on a WaveRunner.

        Stay out of prohibited sreas.

        Speeding is dangerous.

        Observe the speed limit in restricted areas.

        When towing someone or something--.

        When towing someone or something, pay attention to ensure safety in the surrounding area and do not ride dangerously.

        Do not ride at night.

        Riding in the dark is very dangerous.
        Do not ride at night

        Weather at sea can change without warning.

        Reminders Before Riding

        Wear PFD and Other Protective Clothing / Equipment

        You must wear an appropriate personal flotation device (PFD) at all times.
        Wear a wet-suit (or wet suit bottom) while operating the PWC.
        Normal swimwear does not adequately protect against forceful water entry into rectum or vagina.
        Severe internal injuries can occur if water is forced into body cavities as a result of falling into water or being near jet thrust nozzle.
        Additional protective equipment (such as footwear , gloves) may be needed.

        It is very dangerous to drink ride.

        Never get on a WaveRunner if you have been drinking.
        Relaxing your attention even slightly increases the potential for a serious accident much more on water than on land.

        Check the weather

        Check the weather on the radio, TV or other source before leaving. Check the forecast for the next several days and pay special attention to wave height and wind speed.[/QUOTE]