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BIMINI Sun9/14/19 to Sun 9/21/19 Group Forming for PWC TRIP

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  • BIMINI Sun9/14/19 to Sun 9/21/19 Group Forming for PWC TRIP

    HI, I am Mike in Denver. My Girlfriend and I are forming a group to go to Bimini by Jet Ski Sunday 7/14/19 to 7/21/19. We look forward to meeting you, and having a great time.
    Here are some basics:
    *Enough Fuel (We like to carry 10 extra gallons)
    *If the seas are over 4ft, upon disembarking, we will decide as a team to hold off a day
    *Weather/Weather/Weather -- if there are rough seas, or storms at Bimini, we will decide as a team
    *AirBNB is about it for finding accommodations. -- We will have ours all set by 6/8/19
    *Well Maintained PWC -- nothing will suck more than having to tow a ski back
    *EPIRB / VHF -- We need to communicate, should we need. Hand held VHF, and hopefully EPIRB
    For now, we have a 25w SHIP VHF-DSC /telescopic mast.
    *Physically capable of doing ride (don't have to be an Olympic athlete, but probably not on respirator either)
    Those are the basics. We are 53yo and 47yo, and plan on a kickass time! We are business owners, and fun and happy people -- we will probably not coalesce well with liberals. We can't wait to hear from a few other couples / singles to join our adventure of a lifetime.
    email(brainiacmike at yahoo dot com) phone(voip -text only) 7O2-33O-3008
    Have an awesome rest of your June -- look forward to chatting.

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    Don't worry about coalescing with the locals! Everybody is always so happy and friendly. While you might not find your BFF, I'm sure you'll get along with EVERYBODY.

    Oh, and I was 54 the first time I went. With a bunch of motorcycle racers. About killed my fat a$$! But it was worth it. Since then, I've been a couple more times with my Green Hulk friends and it was even better. And I'm fat, too. Really fat.