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one2one Enduro Challenge **postponed**

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  • one2one Enduro Challenge **postponed**

    Guys i smell a north sound endurance race coming up! A few details still need to be sorted-.

    Get the skis ready, hopefully more details will be available monday and the first riders meeting late next week!

    For the first time racer or if your looking to get back into the sport there will be a NA class so bring out the gpr's, gti's and vx's!

    We are shooting for the first or second weekend in December.
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    lol, sounds good
    J. Medina #15
    4x CIWA Champ 3x JAC 2nd Place 2x (IJSBA) World Finalist 1x EESC Champ


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      Hello, thanks to all the people who have viewed this thread, just wanted to keep everyone updated.

      Im still waiting on a meeting with CIWA to sort out some of the details. A few radio stations are on board along with some minor sponsors. First named sponsor is "ChiroSpa Clinic" THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT.
      But it is defiantly the riders who will make the event happen.

      My goal is to host a race FOR the racers. 100% of the entry fee's will go back to riders prizes. The idea of sponsors is to pay for all the technical stuff so we can give you (the riders) back 100% what you put in.

      Name: ....coming soon....
      Date: Dec 11th
      Location: North Sound (looking at Grand Caymanian and a few other options)
      Style: Endurance
      Distance:100 miles
      Riders: Do it solo, or team of 2!
      Classes: un-official but we are looking at an Open Class and a NA Class.
      Entry: $250 per ski (even if team of 2)

      These are only a few of the things that have been covered so far. Day in and out i will try and get more info on here.

      Thank you very much for the support so far and i hope we get a large group out for the event.

      I'm interested in all your thoughts good or bad on this race BUT this thread is just to get updated and accurate info to all the riders so please don't use as a message board.

      Feel free to PM me or call me @ 547-2339 for any questions.

      Kramer Bell
      Cayman Islands


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        Thanks to Team "Naut Wukin" we have our 3rd or 10 possible sponsors. Plese Contact me if any Team or Company is interested in sponsoring this event. This can include over 100 radio adverts, banners, news paper article publicity the day of the event and sponsor graphics on a number of skis.

        $1,000 sponsor package.

        After tuesdays meeting with CIWA we should have more details to provide so please check back.

        Thanks to all the riders who have given me the time to talk to them about the race, please dont hesitate to contanct me for any questions or concerns, we have recieved a lot of interested so far and its looking like we will have a GREAT day of racing.

        Kramer Bell
        Caymn Islands


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          Thanks for all the interest in the race, I am receiving calls daily to ask about course, class, prizes. We had a great meeting with CIWA on safety, marshaling and the course. We are doing whatever it take to accommodate CIWA's request,and are committed to making this a CIWA approved event. it is obvious that their first concern is rider safety and it is great to see the detail and planning that must be in place before CIWA signs off.

          Thanks for the patience, today i will post the proposed track so riders/spectators can get an idea of where the course will be.
          It will be 10 mile laps with the 'Superstock R' doing 100 miles and the 'Limited R' doing 70 miles.

          Kramer Bell


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            . new track coming soon.
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              After posting the track we have had even more riders contact us about the race, thanks for all the questions and concerns! Everything has been submitted to CIWA and im looking forward to a great day of racing.

              There have been a few people bringing up concerns or issues with the race being in the north sound such as:
              Visibility AND comfort for spectators
              Attendance by the public (for sponsors sake)
              Condition of the grounds at Safe Haven (mainly the seaweed and rocks at waters edge)
              Double the proposed Safety Marshalls (to direct Sunday traffic around the course)

              I appreciate the concerns and thanks for the help, i have to agree in that a NEW LOCATION of 'Royal Palms' would fit the event better, with more attendance and better conditions for refueling, viewing and swiming,

              Athough the race could still happen in the sound i feel Royal Palms is a better venue.
              Current event sponsors will be notified as this should benifit them aswell, CIWA has already been notified and is waiting on the new course, Royal Palms should be confirmed by tomorrow.

              Sorry for the changes, the decision was made earlier today after multiple concerns were made about the location, this should benifit everyone as we all love more spectators. and i dont expect 100 miles to be any easier weather it be at 7mile or North Sound.

              IF u have any safety concerns about the Race being at 'Royal Palms' please PM me. Thanks

              Kramer Bell


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                lol Kramer what happen the lil test on sunday in the sound chop got chu thinking ? just joking bro,
                but think about the weather round those times of december.
                J. Medina #15
                4x CIWA Champ 3x JAC 2nd Place 2x (IJSBA) World Finalist 1x EESC Champ


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                  chhhh javier i remember some one chasing me and went looking for nemo if my memory serves me correct??? hahahhahahahahahah


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                    Originally posted by GPRXP4ME
                    chhhh javier i remember some one chasing me and went looking for nemo if my memory serves me correct??? hahahhahahahahahah
                    how did you get in front tho lol buoy slicer after the several lap spanking , but on the real tho you guys changing it ?
                    J. Medina #15
                    4x CIWA Champ 3x JAC 2nd Place 2x (IJSBA) World Finalist 1x EESC Champ


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                      yes its getting changed just trying to get approval by port authority... ill put up the course layout that i submitted..port might want to modify it a little but it will give you an idea of the course.... it will be better for riders, spectators and sponsors... that time of year it should be well rough out there so no excuses for being beat by the ol' doo!


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                        Due to the car race being on the 11th ive had multiple riders ask for the race to be postponed, we just recieved approval from ciwa so the sponsors are questioning advertisment time flyers, radio etc..

                        i would not like to take any spectators from the event at breaks nor do i want to loose riders to the event, now that the track has been approved through CIWA it should be very easy to host the race early next year, sorry for the hastle hope everyone understands.

                        please contact me if you need more info.
                        Kramer Bell


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                          Any date set for the race?
                          2006 RXT