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Clearwater / Jetski Beach or surrounding areas

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  • Clearwater / Jetski Beach or surrounding areas

    New up here to Central Florida, coming from Miami where I did lots of ocean riding. Last weekend I was on my way to Clearwater and found this place everyone called jetski beach. ItÔÇÖs on the way to Clearwater on Gulf To bay Blvd and Damascus Rd. I am planning on heading there next weekend if anyone wants to meet up. I wanted to go this weekend but the weather has been terrible.

    There are also a few tiki bars that where very full and lively that I wanted to check out which looked really good.

    Things to know about Jetski beach:

    -ItÔÇÖs $15 to park all day
    -Important: You are parking, loading and unloading on the beach, so a 4x4 is ideal, but, I had no issues getting in and out in my Rav4 haha
    -No beer/alcohol allowed.....well....just donÔÇÖt have it out and waving it around like a drunk. Everyone there just had it in a plastic cup/container.
    -Shirts/tops optional......well not really but after a couple beers who knows lol
    -The Earlier you get there the better. ThereÔÇÖs limited parking and it gets filled quick. We will try to get there by 10Am or earlier.

    HereÔÇÖs my number in case anyone is interested just shoot me a message: 3055251088 - Orlando
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    Nice texting ya, all whe. Your ready 2 ride , chris
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