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  • Nassau Bahamas Rental

    Super excited to be staying at the Atlantis Bahamas for three nights in October. Wife and two children, although probably just rent one for myself and my 11 year old boy.

    we have 3 skis at home so pretty seasoned and just want to check out the water here. (Instead of cold gloomy water at home!).

    Has anyone rented a ski from around here, or tell me any must jet ski to places close to Atlantis resort?

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    I have spent a lot of time at Atlantis and on the beach in front of Atlantis ( even before Atlantis was there)..
    Most of those guys are rip off artists --Depending on the day and "his mood" the prices are NOT set..
    Remember the beach activities are Not part of Atlantis and they have no power when something goes wrong..
    I never really found any "free ride" jetski places,, just small riding areas where you can see the beach and "dude" can see you..
    As you own jetski's , I doubt you will find these slow beat up machines fun (some places still have 2-stroke vx's) ..
    I would hit 1 of the personal boat tours (about 2 hours) they are located across the harbour on the Nassau side but can pick you up at Atlantis marina docks..


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      thank you.

      I understand they will be old slow and expensive. I found online it’s $200 an hour which is bearable just as probably only do 1-2 hours. I only want to go around the island and do a bit of snorkelling to be honest!

      Boat trip I’ll look into, don’t want an all day thing just a couple hours.