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By request, here's your midsouth rides section.

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  • By request, here's your midsouth rides section.

    I didn't know there was a midsouth label for Arkansas, Tennessee and Missouri but i'm game. I always thought missouri was the midwest i guess that funny state can be both.

    I've been actually thinking about offering forums to any riding groups interested in hanging out on greenhulk.net.

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    Well, Mike, FYI -not that it's the same sport - Missouri and Texas will soon be in the SEC. I'm not so sure if I any longer understand our national geography.
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      Whats up guys hope to see some good info on summer trips . I know me and 4 others r tring to get a meet and race up for a few weeks after memorial day @ beach lake in lexington tn. Hoping to have a good croud to drag race and set up a booie course and do hot laps. Also we have some local dealer support who is wanting to bring their new 2012 pwcs out and demo keep ur eyes open for dates
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