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Old Hickory to Blue Moon

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  • Old Hickory to Blue Moon

    Went down the Cumberland to the Blue Moon for lunch today. Popped across to Rock Harbour for fuel. Had a interesting talk with the woman over there and talked about the river and pwc riders and they were the only fuel till Ashland city. They would like to see more ski's come in. Well offer a incentive and they might come. They do sell fuel ...beverages. ...yes..those beverages and snacks. ..etc.
    Had a good lunch across at Blue Moon "thanks NashVegas".
    A lot of debris today and that water was really churning. Below dam up about 6 foot. When the wife and I were locking through we waited for a tug barge combo and he was joking to the lock master that once I saw the water coming out of the spill way I would turn around.
    He didn't know I was talking to the lock master when he radioed that in.
    I told the lock master to tell him I how I made after I went through. He did. ..talked to him on the way back. Heck it wasn't that bad to me. I'm use to big waters on the Great Lakes.
    Nice ride.....
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    Sounds like it was a good ride. Weather this weekend is supposed to be awesome. I'm hoping to get out of town and do some riding. Fingers crossed.