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    Put in at Carthage today with NashVegas and did the Caney today. What a nice ride and way different to have someone to ride with....especially someone with Nash's experience on the water around here. He taught me today that YOU can get dressed on your ski while floating down river at 4 mph, hell who knew.....lol
    That Caney Fork is a nice ride when you have enough water and sure am glad to have one of the best river guides around....this man knows the water around here like the back of his hand....
    Nash tried to run over all the kayaks and canoes today.....its like a point system I guess......just joking...
    Seriously it was a nice ride and with good company.
    We put in around 11 am and pulled out about 4 pm, in the time we were gone the Cumberland had risen about 1-1/2 feet on the ramp we used...Dam that water can change fast....makes me think it could probably drop that quick also.
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    more cClick image for larger version

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      Man. Wish I knew yal we're riding today. I've been looking to find some others riders in my area.
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        Ha! You can't post something like that, someone might believe you. Kidding aside you should have seen your face when I pointed out the bottom at a foot and a half deep when we idled around to let them paddle by!


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          Yeah after that, I followed you back 200-300 feet. I figured if I saw you go over the handle bars It wasn't deep enough for me.


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            Harry did you get a deer ? There was plenty of them between Hartsville and Carthage coming back Saturday.


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              I havent shot anything, but my girlfriend got her first one ever Monday morning....a big bodied 3 pointer...


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                Ha Ha, thanks for the pics .... can't wait until spring.
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