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Cordell Hull Dam to Roaring river

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  • Cordell Hull Dam to Roaring river

    Put in at Defeated Creek Marina Saturday and rode to Roaring river...what a nice ride. I did not realize how nice the Cumberland is above Cordell Hull dam. I would have to say its much better than down stream toward Nashville.
    Interesting thoughts I have when riding by myself...When I launched at the marina there was no in the ramp or lot and a 2-3 people on the dock's a distance away. After I launched and was walking to park my vehicle a guy walking a dog off one of the large boats says " You going out on that thing " Yup.... " By yourself " Yup... did think of asking if he would like to go with me but all ready knew that answer.. He says " Your gonna freeze " No I'm well dressed I will be fine, but thanks for caring.....
    Then I might have seen 5-6 boats all day fishing which I always give plenty of room to as not to bother them and a wave to them. Only one boat waved back and latter in the day at my turn around point coming back I had a bass boat at speed coming head on push me of the side. He was probably going 50-60 mph and I was at 42 mph as we were closing I kept heading over to my right to steer clear but he was still coming over with me. I finally stayed that angle and cleared by 30 feet. I saw the guys face and his wife's and thought who pissed in his Wheaties ! Now Tom normally would have turned around and went after him....but I tried to keep my cool and I did.
    WHY do people have no understanding of PWC'S at all. I have boated all my life and seen just as many dicks in boats as ski's but seems to be more people around here dislike pwc's for some reason , enough said..

    I had a blast as usual exploring a lot of different areas and the weather was excellent. I did get to one stretch of the river where there was 2-3 foot chop for about 2-3 miles which was interesting and on the way back it was 3-4 chop in that same area. Going upwind I could skip right across the tops but on the way back it wasn't happening and had to slow down.

    I'm starting to run out of new places around here to ride.
    Click image for larger version

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    more pics Click image for larger version

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      more pics

      yup ice in one place on the bank.. Click image for larger version

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        Great looking fall ride, report, and pix - thanks for sharing. Would really like to get trails like these added to the site...
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          Thx for sharing!
          09 FZR Stage 3


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            I would have rode with ya if I knew. Looks like ya had a great ride. Great pictures!


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              I would have made a nice turn or 180 when he was near and soaked the shit out of him