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Introducing The Watercraft Journal's PWC Club Event Calendar

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  • Introducing The Watercraft Journal's PWC Club Event Calendar

    Hello all PWC/Jet Ski Clubs!

    Please allow me to introduce The Watercraft Journal, the Internet's ONLY daily personal watercraft enthusiast magazine. Publishing every day, Monday through Friday, The Watercraft Journal is the Internet's only source for free daily news, product reviews, next-day event coverage, interviews and how-to technical articles.

    In the coming months, The Watercraft Journal is launching the most comprehensive online event calendar available. Designed to be incredibly easy to navigate yet thorough in its execution, watercraft enthusiasts from across the globe will be able to know what is happening and where to go to join the fun!

    What we need from you is a comprehensive list of every event and local ride your PWC club is hosting for 2015! Make sure to include your club's name, the name of your ride/event, location, time and meeting place for every submission. Other details such as distance, suggested equipment, etc. are also welcome as well.

    To submit your club's list of events and rides, please email [email protected] today!

    The Watercraft Journal, your source for daily news, reviews, interviews and much more.
    Got a comment, question, or a story? Email me at [email protected]