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  • Defeated Creek to Kentucky

    Put in this morning at Defeated Creek marina , it was 40 when I launched and 58 on the return trip. I wanted to see how far I could go up the Cumberland with a extra 10 gallons of gas on the back. It was a great ride.....haven't been out in 4 weeks...way too long. This is the best ride IMO on the Cumberland. The scenery is just great and the only downfall is there are no marinas except in Granville which is too close to the start of the trip. I went about 10 miles into Kentucky when I dropped too 2 bars on fuel. Thought I better put my 10 gallons in and head back. My thought was I would burn more going up river against the current and would need less fuel for the return trip with the current. Yeah....did I mention the winds today......the 3-4 foot chop on the river in only certain areas as the river winds around....jeez....
    I came in to Defeated Creek on 2 bars and no alarm....I was getting worried.. I probably should have not gone up the Obey River for a few miles as the current was killer...When you get low on fuel ...by yourself ....no boats around...you start thinking how you should have conserved better and a little better planning.
    I have a FX HO and 5700-6100 my fuel burn is the best about 40-43 mph good for 110 miles or so , yup thats why I didnt buy a SHO or SVHO...yeah I would like the speed but the fuel burn and premium on the SVHO was not for my riding style. The SVHO most efficient cruising is at 30 mph and thats too slow for me.

    I will tell you I set my cruise on these long trips so I can get the miles per gallon working and when you are traveling for 160 miles at 42 you get there pretty quick. Coming back I would sit on the rear seat with the handle bars down to eek out the best economy and to ride the choppy waves in places. The more I ride the FX hull the more I'm impressed with it. Yeah she would spank at 42 mph in 3-4 foot waves but with my butt on the rear and trim 1 up she just skips those waves and I keep the cruise on trying to get the economy.Click image for larger version

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    more pics
    Click image for larger version

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      Obey River and a serious Log jamb
      Click image for larger version

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        Impressive ride for a solo journey and beautiful pix. What a beauty of a trip - thanks for sharing.
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          Beautiful pics Tom. Yes, there's a lot to like about the FX-HO !!!

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          Cliff S.



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            that is the best ride around a group of us rode all the way up to the dam put in at Gainsboro had someone meet us at HWY 90 (i think) filled all the skis up we rode up to the dam we passed a few fly fisherman standing in the water that was fun watching the look on there face as we all went by in line water was maybe 2 foot deep? We had to fill up again on the way back we rode 220 miles that day really want to do that again just need to find someone who will haul fuel for us

            Click image for larger version

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              Scott I find I have been hauling more gas with me on a lot of trips lately....because of lack of marinas. When I've been riding though I look for gas stations I could walk to from the water in case of......
              I started searching last night on different fuel containers and could fit 3 of these LC LC2 Utility Jug 5 Gallons White

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              on the back. Yup nobody wants the extra weight but it's the only way to make some of these runs.
              Click image for larger version

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