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Ramp report on Greers Ferry, AR?

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  • Ramp report on Greers Ferry, AR?

    Never been to Greers Ferry Lake, but its on my bucket list this summer. I'm towing a 2015 Yamaha VXR and Karavan single steel trailer (1000lbs total?) with a 2007 HHR, its FWD. It gets 28mpgs if I keep it under 70mph on the flats.

    Just wondering about the various ramps at Greers Ferry, how steep are they, how slimy and busy are they? Which ones would be best for a small FWD car launch? New to PWCs, and towing with efficient small vehicles.

    FWI the ramp at HWY 72 & Burnsville, MS for the Tom Bigbee/Pickwick I had to back the truck rear tires 6 inches into the water to launch the ski, not busy, but no room between launch and dock. Wouldn"t want to try it with the HHR.

    Thanks in advance,
    2015 Yamaha VXR