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Possible Eastern Iowa Get Together

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  • Possible Eastern Iowa Get Together

    Hey all,

    I know i am kinda new here but just talking with some friends today and i think i am gonna try to do a get together Jet Ski weekend in July. Here is what i am thinking if there is enough intrest i will really pursue this next week and get it locked down.

    Coralville Lake, aka Damed up Iowa River July 21st and 22nd

    Its just North of Iowa City about 10 minutes North, off of I-80.

    The usuable part is rumored at around 16-18 miles, i am gonna GPS it this weekend.

    Plenty of camp grounds in the area, i always stay at Sugar Bottom Camp ground. One of the tent areas is right next to the water and right near the showers The boat dock here is free to campers. There are many other docks a couple are free, a few are pay like 2 or 3 dollars to use.

    Here is the tent area next to the water. Parking is right next to the tents. 2 tents per spot so you can share if you need. 10 bucks a night. I reserved spot 104 already, but plenty are still open.

    There are two, well was 2 places to get gas on the water, one of them is under going construction don't know all the details on that one. The other is still going strong and is always quite apealing to get gas at for the gentelmen

    I can even supply fire wood for all my uncle lives right next to the camp ground and my grandpa has a farm so i would cut a bunch up, move it too my uncles house and then once people get there just a 2 minute drive for who ever wants fire wood. Think it would be a great time.

    Might even grab the gazeebo right by the tents and have my friend bring his guitar, he is really really good.

    If your interested please let me know and i will ge tmore detailed information, pictures, maps and directions and make a website even for it quick. The weekend is also open for movement i just can't do the weekend for the 28th and 29th cuz i will be headed to Sydney.
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    hey my birthday is the 8th of july we should have a bash down there!!!
    will be 22.

    The whole town said that fool should have used red.


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      Yeah mine is July 24th, always go there for my Bday, but i am not 22

      THe big 2-9 for me this year and next year comes the big 2-9 again so i guess i dont' have too much to worry about right?


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        well, I'm in if you have a rally, I'd enjoy caravanning to Utica, IL for dannypalllooza with you too. let me know what you come up with

        The whole town said that fool should have used red.


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          Iowa Get Together

          Lehr Jet- I've Been In Contact With Iowan Gpr And Were Working On A Iowa Get Together. I Kind Of Like The Coralville Idea As I Feel Maybe We Would Draw From Eastern And Central Iowa. I'll Pm You With My Number. Give Me A Call And Lets Get This Thing Going!!!!