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2012 DJSA Season opener......

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  • 2012 DJSA Season opener......

    Coming up next ~
    In co-celebration with the
    grand opening ribbon cutting
    ceremony for the City of Antioch's
    new Launch Ramp Facility...

    We proudly announce -
    the season opener of the
    2012 DJSA Outlaw Point Series

    Saturday April 7th 2012
    Antioch Marina
    Antioch California, 94509

    Physical Address ÔÇô
    Antioch Marina
    Foot of "L" Street
    #5 Marina Plaza
    Antioch, CA 94509-7905
    Tel (925) 779-6957

    On Saturday registration will be open at 7:00am. Reg will close at 9:00am sharp.
    At the risk of you guys falling over from shock, I would like to see standup practice start at 830am, but we won't be able to do that unless all of you are signed in, and ready to go. The course will be ready, the staff will be ready, but the most important people we need help from is you racers. If you want to get a lot of racing in and get on the road home at a decent hour, everyone is going to have to help out by being on the line when it's your time!!!

    Being this is the first race of the year, we will need to see everyone's current proof of medical insurance. Please make sure you have your card with you or make a copy for me and bring it with you. I simply cannot make any exceptions to this rule so please have your proof of medical insurance with you!

    We are running a little different format at Antioch.
    You guys will see ÔÇ£bracket racingÔÇØ at Antioch, and again at Suisun in June.
    After practice all classes will run 2 time trial laps.
    The best lap you run will put you in bracket A or B of your class.
    Bracket A is running for 1st thru 5th place points
    Bracket B is running for 6th thru 10th place points

    If you want to maximize your points on the board at the first race of the season, you'll need to put on your ÔÇ£A-GameÔÇØ, and go out and RIP IT in the time trials. It will be you against the stopwatch with a whole lot of people watching but the thing to remember is it's your best time from 2 laps that will be used to place you in your appropriate bracket and give you start line choice.

    I don't expect you to understand why I'm running less guys on the course than usual, or why the course will be scaled down to single lane racing, but my hope is that you trust me in putting on a safe race day for both you and the spectators. You will have plenty of regular band snap, split start, full course racing ahead of you this year so trust me on this one. There's a method to the madness-

    In exchange for your trust - we're giving you ÔÇ£40 for 50ÔÇØ Saturday.
    All classes, all racers, $40 entries with 50 bonus points awarded towards the point series. You will have the opportunity to go out and shine on the stage alone, and then you will be ripping it in your class racing against 4 or so guys equally matched in lap times to yours.

    Because there will be less of you on the course to worry about at one time, I am going to relax the 1 ski length safe zone to a standard ÔÇ£no contactÔÇØ rule in the corners but in anticipation of Parker coming up, I figured we'd give you the opportunity to get a little more up close and personal with each other ÔÇô but don't think for a minute I won't be watching for anyone who wants to cross that ÔÇ£non contactÔÇØ line. This course has ÔÇ£technicalÔÇØ written all over it, and there are tons of places to execute your inside out ÔÇô outside in passing moves, but I will be expecting you to do so safely.

    Much like ÔÇ£arena crossÔÇØ the first turn will follow a moderate straight with a nice left hand sweeper that immediately merges onto the course line. From there you will have plenty of room and time to make your moves. I was thinking a 2 heat format, but Stan the Man is confident we can make it a 3 heat day even with time trials. Either way will give you a workout, but we'll see how practice and time trials go and if we have the time for 3 heats we'll do it but it will be on you guys to be at staging and on the line on time.

    The new 2012 entry forms are now available on the www.diablojsa.com site. Please pay attention to the new class selections and check the appropriate ones you are racing on race day. If you want to give love to the sponsors who give you love ÔÇô please update your entry form with your most current information. There is no disputing how much time pre-entries save us on race day so PLEASE email me your completely filled out entry form and then store it on your computer so you have it for future races.

    Pre-reg discount entries will be taken up until Friday April 6th at 9pm.
    Race day onsite registration will be $75 so save yourself a few bucks and ÔÇ£gitterdunÔÇØ-

    Start position choices for racing will be determined by time trials.

    * Advance payment via paypal helps me out and slao speeds things up on race day, but it's not as crucial as my receiving your early entry forms! I only need one entry form per racer but it is important you check off ALL CLASSES you are running. Please make sure you are sending me a 2012 entry form with the new class structure listed on the form. I can receive the forms as word document or pdf files only.

    * Incomplete entry forms cannot be accepted. Please fill them out completely. The information requested is for a reason and it is not optional.

    Tentative Schedule ÔÇô 40 for 50 saturday
    700am ÔÇô Registration open
    830am - Practice by class
    900am ÔÇô Registration closes
    900am - Mandatory riders meeting at the flag dock behind Humphreys
    930am ÔÇô Time trials qualifying
    1030am ÔÇô National Anthem and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Launch Ramp
    1045am ÔÇôTime trials resume
    1200pm ÔÇôSki Clinic exhibition team
    1230pm - A&B Bracket Heat Racing
    300pm ÔÇô Ski Clinic exhibition team
    330pm - A&B Bracket Heat Racing
    600pm ÔÇô Jettribe Trophy Presentation on site

    Tentative running order ~
    1) X2 Army
    2) 550 JS
    3) 750 and under
    4) 800 novice
    5) 800 Legends 40
    6) 800 expert runabout / 800 novice runabout
    8) Sport Sit 1200 expert GP / Sport Sit 800 novice
    9) Sprint Sit 1350
    10) 850 expert stands / FAST Stands
    11) SCXP Supersit expert

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    * Extreme 550’s all out cash dash. $20 ea in the Pringles can if we have 5 skis.

    * If not, the 4 fastest times in the 850 expert stands, and the 4 fastest times from the 800 runabout and Sport Sit 1200 experts will face off in 2 special dash for cash heats. $20 in the Pringles can supplemented with sponsor and crowd contributions.

    Awards ~
    Award plaques 1st place for every class
    Fastest Lap time awards for every class
    50 bonus points to every racer at Antioch.

    Please remember -
    8" (or larger) race numbers are required on every ski.
    If a race number is duplicated - one racer will add initial of last name
    No numbers - no tow loop – no lanyard - no racing – no exceptions!

    And again, in case you missed it…
    No numbers - no tow loop - no lanyard – no racing – no exceptions!

    Tentative Starts ~
    Dock Starts
    Pole position is to the left.
    Standups and X-2’s running.
    Sitdowns dead engine with racer sitting on dock behind ski, lanyard in hand.
    There is a nasty cross current at the start dock.
    One holder per racer will be allowed to help steady your ski.
    All holders must wear a eye protection, shoes and a pfd or they will not be allowed on the dock. Holders will not be required to wear helmets at this race.
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Pits ~
    Standups - out of the water and along the northeast curbline of the lot.
    1st come 1st choice on how close to the ramp you are.
    Skis will have to be carted or trailer rolled to the ramp.
    Helping each other out will greatly speed up the day.
    When Jason calls your class to staging you will HAVE TO BE ready to launch to immediately head to the pre-staging area.

    Sits will pit in the water on the far right inside dock finger, or they may trailer out after each race but again, your being ready to roll on time decides how many delays we have. Less delays = more racing so please keep an ear out for when your class is called.

    Fueling ~
    Fueling is only allowed with use of absorbent pads at the nozzle on or off the water. I will provide the pads and disposal can. Anyone observed not using a fuel pad on land chances being DQ’d for the day. Any racer doing waterside fueling without an absorbent pad - WILL BE DQ you for the rest of the day.

    This is a brand new paved lot and I can’t afford thousands of dollars in repairs if someone leaks fuel onto the pavement and burns the surface. PLEASE – if you like me as a person – take the extra effort and use the fuel pads I provide for you.

    Scoring Reminder ~
    The DJSA closed course points scale mirrors the IJSBA closed course points scale however our points do not apply towards IJSBA or APBA race events. DJSA points apply only to the DJSA 2012 series. Your points are tracked by class and divisionally. The 2012 point series Standup and Sitdown champions will be running for $1000 cash, a pit vehicle, or any other interesting ideas you push my way but because of hassles over travel and vacations we’re not doing the cruise to Mexico awards anymore.

    Please remember ~
    * You can get friendly in the corners at this one BUT NO CONTACT at any time.
    * 100 ft yield rule in effect at all times.
    * Penalty “walk of shame” buoys will be in place – and they will be taken at NO WAKE SPEED… Standup racers will kneel in the tray, and Sits will have to look back and make sure they aren’t making a wake, otherwise I will be right there to remind you if you’re doing it wrong.
    NO CIRCLEING BACK TO MAKE UP BUOYS or you will be black flagged off the course.
    Again, the Walk of Shame buoys will be taken at no wake speed. Standup racers will now kneel in the tray.
    (trust me, I am going to win this battle)

    * Reckless or negligent racing are grounds for leaving early and/or face suspension from the series.

    * Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind, on or off the water, is an invite to leave early and/or face suspension from the series and that includes any disrespect displayed to staff, other racers, crews, spectators, or any site hosts.

    * No alcohol is permitted until the END of the race day.

    * Drug use of any kind is prohibited and will not be tolerated from racers, crews, staff, or spectators.

    * All racers must be 18 years of age unless previously accepted into djsa internship program

    * ALL RACERS must have proof of current medical insurance available to show upon request.

    Racing hard and racing fast will always have my respect, but winning doesn’t always make you a winner. Racing clean, hard, and safe while watching out for your fellow brother and sister racers and your safety team on the race course is what will always make you a winner, and you’ll always have my sincere respect. .

    Hotel info ~
    Our friends at Comfort Suites in Oakley have always given us great rates in the past. Those needing rooms can check out the hotel at http://www.oakleycomfortsuites.com/ Comfort Suites is less than 10 minutes from the race site, and CAFFINO is right across the street in case you want to bring me a 32oz nonfat iced latte with 8 extra shots… just ask for the “Jim Special” – they know what to do from there! Jes sayin…

    Comfort Suites - Oakley
    5549 Bridgehead Road
    Hwy 4 & Hwy 160
    Oakley, CA 94561
    Phone: (925) 755-1222
    Fax: (925) 755-1221

    Rooms in some parts of Antioch might not be as an enjoyable as at others so call me if you have any questions before you book.
    Comfort Suites Oakley – highly recommended
    Holiday Inn Express – highly recommended

    Course and site map attached - please call me with any questions.

    As always, I thank you for your support and interest in your djsa outlaw racing.
    It is again with great pleasure I now get to say my 2 favorite words...

    "Lets Race"!!!

    Jim Lambert


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      When next race....


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        I would love it if Jim were able to do something like the HydroDrags. I would do that. My body will not let me race laps
        Save up to 25% off retail by becoming an AMSOIL Preferred Customer

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          Originally posted by Alfred703
          When next race....
          ill post it up when we know....


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            Originally posted by Alfred703
            When next race....
            check out www.diablojsa.com


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              Originally posted by 800AMSOIL4U
              I would love... to do something like the HydroDrags... My body will not let me race laps
              I hear ya brother!
              87.1 mph RXP w/custom hull work
              81.2 mph GTX SCIC Limited
              74.6 mph GTX SCIC Limited
              70.2 mph GTX SCIC Limited


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                Antioch 2012 Race Roster
                As of 4/5/12

                X-2 Army
                1) T.Greene
                2) D.Wolff
                3) JJ. Hickey
                4) J.Wenzel – new racer
                5) J.Dewar
                6) J.DelaRosa
                7) T.Yamamoto

                550 JS open stand
                1) R.Gray

                750/650 open stand

                800 nov stand
                1) N.Tate
                2) E.Templeton – intern
                3) E.Stegman – new racer
                4) J.Gardemeyer
                5) R.Haag

                800 legends 40 stand

                850 Expert stand
                1) P.Zernik
                2) I.Roberts
                3) T.Pagen
                4) T.Nunes
                5) J.Gardemeyer – int
                6) J.Loder – int
                7) R.Osullivan

                FAST Stand GP
                1) P.Zernik
                2) I.Roberts
                3) T.Pagen
                4) J.Dixon

                800 Runbt expert
                1) A.Angeles
                2) P.Mallari
                3) JJ. Hickey
                4) D.Janeway
                5) R.Osullivan

                Sport Sit 800 nov

                Sport Sit 1200 expert GP
                1) N.Yee
                2) D.Wolff
                3) J. Gardemeyer
                4) T.Yamamoto

                1300 N/A Sprint Runabout
                1) C.Cottle

                SCXP Supersit expert
                1) B.Booker
                2) M.Habel
                5) G.Lasiter - tentative

                Xtreme 550’s All Out exhibition
                Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
                where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!



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                  Note -

                  Pit Vehicles/ Quads / Rhinos will be allowed at the site but only for launching.
                  A cart is highly recommended for the standups. Its a short roll from your pits to the ramp.
                  Sits will also have easy access to the ramp, but if possible I'd like to see as many as possible
                  pit on the water in the designated area.

                  Another reminder -
                  You CAN ONLY FUEL in the pits using the fuel pads I provide.
                  I am responsible for any damage done to this brand new lot,
                  and if we blow it, its going to be a short season if you get my drift!
                  Please use extra caution when fueling guys...

                  Much thanks as always

                  Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
                  where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!



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                    Post all info about the race in the race section boss man, was just trying to get exposure for a local race in here....

                    And you guys are never to old to race, ask bill Wilson70+ years young and ripps!


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                      Well as much as I wish I could fill another entry and would love to see some of my west coast friends the drive is just a little too far. Best of luck to all the racers. I hope all of your and your machines end the weekend as it started. Everyone and everything healthy.


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                        Thanks buddy! You know you can crash here anytime. Im sure ill hit you up about visiting LA sometime! Especially when you start talking about cold beer a crawdad boils!!!!


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                          Yesterday I went to sleep in the motorhome at 430am and set 4 alarm clocks to be up at 6. Woke up at 6 and thought I would do anything for an extra 5 hours sleep but jumped out of bed because there was a whole lot of business to take care of in a short amount of time before a few guys rolled into town to do some racing. Team Orange Safety Ski Rider Alex Chattaway was one of the first ones there, and as he was parking his ride he said "check that out" pointing to the Antioch Bridge....

                          A blazing orange circle was just appearing under the Antioch bridge over the flat calm San Joaquin river. and as I witnessed one of the coolest sunrises I've ever seen, I remember thinking to myself if the day were to go as cool as that sunrise was I'd be a pretty happy camper regardless of how tired I was... 24 hours later I find myself looking at that same Orange glow coming up from the east, but now while I find myself getting ready for work instead of putting on a day of racing, I find myself thinking a few other things looking back on what happened yesterday... things kind of like -

                          Did that really happen?
                          Are you kidding me?
                          Am I the luckiest race director dude in the world or what?

                          I'm here to tell you that no matter how spectacular those morning sunrises can be out here... NOTHING can ever outdo the incredible shows of racing all you guys manage to put on when you venture into outlaw country... From the explosive 850 standup experts and SCXP Supersits, to the 800 novice stands and 800 runabouts, to those 12 crazy X-2 Army guys who ripped it, the 750 stands and the Sport Sit GP 1200's to the exciting finish at the end of the Sprint Sit nailbiter heat, and to the high flying antics of 4 super freestylers who specialize in putting the A in Amazing - no sunrise in the world can top the game you guys brought to the table yesterday - and all I can do is thank you...

                          We took a hard hit yesterday being without some key staff members whose presence ALWAYS ensures a smooth running day - and that required some last minute changes in the program and how we had to run it, but none the less despite the setbacks and delays, the sunrise today just can't compare to the racing I got to see right in front of my very own eyes from that dock... Full results will be posted here shortly on a new thread with pics, video's, and most importantly to me - your comments, but I wanted to get a quick shout out of "THANKS" to all of you for making the day as incredible as it was.

                          Team Orange was presented with an overwhelming amount of "unusual" challenges and without any complaining they overcame each one and did what they do best - which is watching your backs while you guys do what you love doing most. BJ, Raul, and Chat - you guys never cease to amaze me and seeing you guys work yesterday reminded me just how lucky all these racers are to have you here.

                          Steph, Doreen, Mandy, and Maria - it was a long day but you guys did what you do best flawlessly , plus you got to make fun of me for asking "what lap is this" for 6 straight hours! It just doesn't get better than that.

                          Ricky Bobby and Karty - my sincere thanks for making all the ground crew work and those frantic calls for more bricks and buoys look like 3 words... poetry in motion. There was a lot of behind the scenes back breaking work at this one and I don't know if we could have pulled it off without the extra help from the general, x2 cowboy, Charles Sims, and Jesse Wenzel. My sincere thanks for all the extra help!

                          Jason Psycho Ward, for announcing the action solo all day long and keeping all those spectators fired up as if there were at Daytona watching Tony Stewart putting the spank on Kyle Busch... jes sayin

                          Mav for live streaming the race (now with 2 friggin cameras!) and for helping with all the tech gear setup, while still worrying about racing the Sprint class and for being in 3 places at once and making it look easy!!!

                          Staff Chef Jill Drexel for preparing yet another 5 star meal that the crew loved, and even with Amee home sick and not able to help, you shifted into high gear and pulled it off.... thank you so much for your efforts.

                          Course photographer Traci Cottle for making the drive to make sure you guys get plenty of those TC racing shots you all love to see hanging on your walls, and to our new "course photographer in training" Mariah Zernik who will be filling in for Traci to give her a little bit of a break during a busy season ahead...

                          Chris Lauritzen and that beautiful 28ft Almar for maintaing course security ALL DAY LONG, and staying in radio contact with the Coast Guard and Vessel Traffic Services to keep them advised of the event's progress. Can't wait to see the pics from at the end of the day when Chris ran the course on that big boat of his and got the checkered flag crossing the finishline!

                          The Ski Clinic for putting on two of the most incredible freestyle shows I've ever seen and for getting the spectators pumped up and smiling all day long,

                          and finally to a whole lot of racers who put on an amazing show I'll be remembering for a long time to come. It was the first big bang of the year and it certainly didn't come without setbacks and challenges, but when we do all that racing and I see you guys watching out for each other and nobody gets injured - thats what matters most to me and once again you didn't let me down in that area.

                          The city rep called me while I was on the way home last night to compliment us for bringing such an awesome event to their waterfront for the day - and that means a whole lot when running at a new venue. Thank you all for a great day of racing, and for representing yourselves as true pros on and off the water.

                          If I have enough energy when I get home tonight I'll get the results posted but in the meantime please accept my sincere thanks to all of you, racers and staff alike, for kicking off our 2012 season the same as if it were the 4th of July. You guys are amazing, and the pleasure is all mine...

                          Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
                          where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!