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Congrats Pete and Vanessa...

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  • Congrats Pete and Vanessa...

    In true Zernik fashion, little Dylan Zernik wanted to psyche out the competition with a 2 minute hold at the last minute before his arrival, but this little guy is gonna be extra special because he worked that 2 minute hold into a 23 hour hold!!! Welcome to the world future superstar racer Dylan Zernik... We almost couldn't wait for you to get here, but after seeing your pics - the wait was well worth it... Congrats on scoring 2 of the most special people I know as parents, and your older sister is pretty much the bomb also.

    See you at the next riders meeting Dylan. We know your Dad will be on time for a change because with you here, we're thinking his days of sleeping in are over for awhile!!! Jes sayin~

    Congrats Team Zernik,
    from your fam at the djsa...
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    Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
    where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!


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    Thank you for the post Jim. We are very blessed Dylan is home and healthy