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The end of DJSA...

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  • The end of DJSA...

    Seriously? Really?? REALLY???

    I've heard a couple rumors about this and have had a few phone calls and emails asking me if it was true, and about all I can come up with is - seriously? really? Theres been way too many toy haulers, skis, motors, graphics, firewood, and hydroturf purchased by you guys to quit now, so I'm gonna stick with the original game plan and shoot for making at least a 10 year mark in this sport...

    In 2 weeks we'll be wrapping up the end of year 7. It's hard to believe we've come this far, but we have, and I still have a little more to give if you do. Much of our future is dependent upon your interest. It's all pretty simple, you guys keep showing up to race and we'll keep racing... I know we're not perfect, but you guys got a lot of laps of racing in the past few years, and when you show up in force on the startlines at the world finals like you did a couple weeks ago??? Well lets just say you made me the proudest dude on this planet and it is with some hope that maybe some of that djsa racing helped you to get to that higher level...

    We started in 2006. I plan on going until 2016 (God willing), so according to my math you're stuck with me for another 4 seasons. At that time someone else can take over the reigns and I'll sit in the stands at WF next to Momar and cheer on all the djsa kids (who should all be racing expert by then) like Karty, Talon Chambers, Joe and Chris Chat, Veronica Knowlden, Mariah Zernik, Rachel Gidley, the Wilson brothers, the Templeton brothers, Willbob Dewar, Araiza, and a couple new kids like Harrington jr, Carlson jr, and what may be the fastest junior of all time, the 4 year old on the Liquid Militia #149 sxr - DYLAN ZERNIK!!! I know I left a few out but I'm beat and seeing double... in fact I must be beat - I think I saw Karty's name in there... jes sayin

    I'll post the info for the Minden Finale tomorrow evening (tuesday evening) but between the 2 threads this one seemed more important to respond to at 5 in the morning. Those of you who have stuck it out since the beginning - your loyalty is something I carry around with me everyday. Those who have dropped out for taking care of life business - like making babies, or changing jobs, or getting married, you're still in my daily thoughts and your pics are plastered on my office wall of fame. And to those select few who may have gotten mad at me for getting stern a time or 2 for pushing the rules a bit too far - its cool and I understand, but I'd much rather have you be mad at me with 2 arms and legs still attached - than have any of you be a "one legged hater"!!! jes sayin.

    In summary? It isn't the end of DJSA until all of you get tired of racing and I'm just waving flags at team orange... I could be wrong, but I think we still got a few years in all of us so heres a couple words to kick around~

    "Lets Race"

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    where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!


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    Amen to that!!


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      Noooo.... just when the rest of the racing community is "catching up" to DJSA! I'll be with ya boss! Anyways.. I've already ordered t-shirts for the 2013 Season. Seeyou in a couple of weeks!


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        Well said Jim! I hope I get out there before my boys do!