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retiring #222... seadoos,parts,trailer for sale

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  • retiring #222... seadoos,parts,trailer for sale

    Well im sad to say im gonna retire from racing. Thanks to Jim and all the DJSA family for so many great seasons. Im selling my 3 place zieman trailer,99xpl , 95xp800, 951 spare motor and many more parts and acc.

    If anyone from the great djsa family interested, id love to pass
    on these great seadoos and parts....

    Text or call for more info. Text for pics....

    Small list of stuff...

    Zieman trailer 2300 obo
    99xpl stock class legal $3500 obo
    Reflash mpem,umi,sponsons,big bore motor and more...
    95xp800 limited class legal$3500
    Skat setback pump, novis,umi,hump seat,factory 2,miller head and more..
    951 buckshot head $250
    148mm skat pump$500
    951 stock race motor$1200 obo
    Tow behind dolly for runabouts..200
    951 r&d intake manifold $100

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    Jim, this is very sad news.
    Anything we can do to change your mind??
    Thanks to...
    Jettrim, Havasu Powersports, R&D, Hydro-Turf, ParkerYamaha and ODI


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      I wish bill lol.. just time to enjoy my young kids and young wife lol.


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        Hey Jammer,
        Its not about the races you make, but the memories you make along the way, and Mr. 222 - you've made a lot of awesome memories to look back on up here in outlaw country! You are a class act on and off the water, and the pleasure of watching you race has been all mine. We will never forget you hero...

        To some it may not matter, and to others it does, but every click on the clock is a moment of time we're not getting back in life making it all that more important to value every one we get. You enjoy these important times in your life with your family, and when the young Jammer Alamillos get a little older and want to experience some of that passion Dad has for racing, we'll always have a place for them - and you.

        On behalf of everyone at DJSA, we thank you for all the thrills and excitement you brought to the 800 expert runabout and Sprint Sit classes. You are a true champion and you've been a great role model for this sport. You might look at it as retirement, but I think we're going to just look at it as you taking a break for awhile!!
        Again, thanks for all the awesome times Jammer. Best wishes to you and your family, and I hope we always stay in touch...

        Jim Lambert
        Attached Files
        Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
        where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!



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          Thanks for the kind words Jim, you are a hero and amizing person in my book. Keep up the great work!!!