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djsa pre season practice and hot laps - march 23rd 2013 - Eagal Lakes Tracy Ca

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  • djsa pre season practice and hot laps - march 23rd 2013 - Eagal Lakes Tracy Ca

    Coming up next ÔÇô
    ÔÇ£The Eagal is landing again ÔÇØ-.
    DJSA 2013 Outlaw Series Hotlaps and Practice day
    Saturday, Mar 23rd, 2013
    1030am - until you guys drop from exhaustion...

    Host Location ÔÇô
    Eagal Lakes Resort
    12 Lorenzen Ave
    Tracy, Calif. 95304
    (209) 640-4252

    Eagal Lakes is centrally located from Tracy, Lathrop, Manteca, and Stockton.
    There are a number of ways to get there but this is the most direct.
    Google it to get the best directions from your area, or go to http://eagallakes.com

    Exit Kasson Rd from I-5
    Go west on Kasson to Lorenzen Ave
    Left onto Lorenzen and drive next to a long line of tall palm trees.
    When you come to the end of the county rd, proceed through the working ranch site
    (mandatory speed limit is 10 mph) to the levee.
    At the top of the levee turn right and follow the Eagal Lakes entrance sign.

    Tentative Schedule ÔÇô
    830 to 1000am ÔÇô Team Orange on the water practice scenarios
    930 ÔÇô 1030 ÔÇô racer registration open
    1030 ÔÇô practice the rest of the day by class
    900 to 930am ÔÇô sitdown practice by class
    * Junior time trial practice will be included

    Running Order ÔÇô

    Entry fees -
    $30 for the day per racer
    $10 for juniors

    ($20 goes to djsa, $10 goes to the park)
    * Insurance had to be purchased for this day just as with any race, but even for $30, I'm pretty sure you'll be getting your money's worth...

    Other fees -
    Dry Camping - $25 per night if coming in friday night.
    Spectators / Family day access - $5 per vehicle.
    Race rigs / tow vehicles are admitted free unless camping.

    Pits / Camping ÔÇô
    All Standups and Sport Sits will be beached in the designated area to the right or left of the flag dock.
    All big Sits can be anchored out in the designated area ÔÇô but foot traffic from the sand beach is only allowed in certain places. Please adhere to the request of the owners and use caution on the shoreline, otherwise you may trailer launch and drive over to the south parking area in between your heats.

    No water access is permitted from the south shore. You cannot enter the water from that side so please do NOT have your skis on a water stand next to your camp or it will have to be removed. John Eagal is working on waterside camping all along the north shore (flagdock side) but please see me when you arrive for available parking.

    * No explosives, fireworks, or campfires are allowed.
    * No glass containers are allowed.
    * Pit vehicles are allowed only in the vicinity of the race site, launching, and parking areas - with a mandatory speed limit of 10 mph. Pit vehicles are not allowed outside the designated area and are NOT to be on trails at anytime. Operators under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
    * Dogs must be on a leash at all times, and must stay on the south shoreline of the park.
    (Insurance requirements state aggressive breeds and in particular Pits and Chows are not allowed at this facility)
    * No amplified noise is allowed before 8am, and after 10pm.
    There are neighbors in the distance on the south side of the property ÔÇô and we must respect their privacy.

    Course ÔÇô
    This course will be run in reverse direction (clockwise) Red buoys - right turns / Yellow buoys - left turns
    Please race smart and go around the buoys without hitting them! Seriously? Really? I have to still ask this from you guys?

    This practice course has a progression of just about every kind of turn you will see during the 3013 season. Being this is ÔÇ£practiceÔÇØ, please get into the practice of ÔÇ£learningÔÇØ the course before you ÔÇ£raceÔÇØ the course!!

    At some time during the day, ALL race classes will be directed to take the walk of shame so that we are all on the same page as to how it is to be navigated during a race.

    At some time during the day, all classes will be presented with a ÔÇ£red flagÔÇØ situation. Please review the new red flag procedures now listed on the www.diablojsa.com website on the news and update page.

    We have 3 simple rules here ÔÇô

    The mandatory 1 ski length safe zone in effect at all times, The 100 ft yield rule, And no passing, racing, or scoring in a yellow flag corner
    If you are unclear as to the safety rules we run, they are all outlined at www.diablojsa.com
    Knowing them in advance will keep you from being dq'd in a race, and in a point series that's not what you want to have happen! Call or email me if you are unclear about the rules.

    Junior Racer Time Trial program
    Ages are 7 to 17 years of age.
    All junior racers must compete on 850 or under standup skis, or Vintage X-2s. No junior sits as of yet.
    All juniors must register on race day accompanied by their parents.
    Entry fee for the juniors practice is $10
    All juniors must have proof of medical coverage to be presented by parents at registration.
    During the practice day, parents will be given the opportunity to run a lap or 2 alongside their kids.

    Please make sure -

    * A minimum of 10" or larger race numbers are required on every ski. (larger is better!)
    * If a race number is duplicated - one racer will add initial of last name
    * All Skis MUST HAVE a tow loop attached to the bow
    No numbers - no tow loop - no racing ÔÇô no exceptions! (this goes for practice as well)

    Please remember ÔÇô otherwise I'll have to remember for you and trust me ÔÇô you don't want that.
    One Ski length safe zone rule in effect at all times ÔÇô no exceptions
    * 100 ft yield rule in effect at all times ÔÇô no exceptions
    * Penalty buoys will be in place - NO CIRCLEING BACK TO MAKE UP BUOYS!
    * Reckless or negligent racing are grounds for leaving early and/or suspension from the series.
    * Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind, on or off the water, is an invite to leave early and/or face suspension from the series, and that includes racers, crews, family, friends, or staff members.
    * No alcohol permitted until the END of the race day.
    * All racers must be 18 years of age unless accepted into djsa internship program
    * All racers must have proof of current medical insurance available.
    * Please observe the NO WAKE zone when transiting from the launch ramp to the pit dock.
    * No fueling on the water without fuel pads or you will have to pull your ski from the water. I will have them fuel pads available at the riders meeting and on the flag dock.
    * NO GLASS CONTAINERS are allowed at Eagal Lakes!!!

    Course diagram is attached. Please STUDY IT and become familiar with it before saturday.

    The race season is almost here and this should be a great day to shake all the bugs out!!!!
    I look forward to seeing most of you guys at the Eagal-

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    Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
    where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!


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    Jim, are you going to post the registration form on the DJSA website?


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      Theres a temporairy problem with the diablojsa website with the event info and entry form page. Until it gets freed up, I put the entry form link on the 2nd page (news and updates). All the info for the Hot Laps day is on the 3rd page (Race and event schedule)

      Anyone planning on running Tracy, please download the 2013 form, fill it out COMPLETELY, shoot it back to me, and you'll be good to go. Keep a copy somewhere on your computer for future races.

      The 2013 form is also listed here. It's just a simple word doc but let me know if you have any probs downloading it.

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      Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
      where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!



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        Ok, as of now the diablojsa website should be up and running.

        I changed the navigation bars a bit, and now all upcoming event info is listed under the race schedule.

        There is a separate page for the entry form and pay pal links.
        If you want to use Pay Pal for Tracy, I put a special $30 link there just for that day only.
        (At Tracy there is no charge for additional classes.)

        Let me know if you have any problems with the site.

        Thanks guys -

        Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
        where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!



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          Site's working ok.., for me at least.
          Ok for us to start signing up for the SSVR race?
          And you want separate entry forms for Race 1
          and Race 2 correct?
          Have fun @ Tracy.
          Thanks to...
          Jettrim, Havasu Powersports, R&D, Hydro-Turf, ParkerYamaha and ODI


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            Mark Martin Wilson -

            I'll start taking forms for Salt Springs right after this weekends practice day but if you want to send me yours I'll start the 2013 database off with it. My goal, IS IF EVERYONE SENDS ME A COMPLETED COMPLETED COMPLETELY COMPLETED form, all I will need before a race is an email of intent with a racers class, ski, and race number. The reason I want everyone to hang onto those entry forms on their computers is in case any information changes before a race, and then the changes are easy for you guys to update and send to me. We'll try this again where I have everyone's entry in a database. Since I have to print out waivers anyways, I might as well just print out the entries as well...

            Thanks Bill

            Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
            where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!



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              Hey guys,

              I have 5 or so entrys for Tracy... I usually have time during the week to print out entrys - but not on a friday when I have to hit the site to set up. Plan on taking a few minutes to fill out the forms by hand saturday morning, or download the entry and bring it with you saturday. Not a big deal for practice, but it makes a HUGE difference on a regular race day. A whole lot of people signed up for class rosters this season. When you have a couple minutes, shoot me an entry so that I have it on file. When a race notice comes out, all I will need from you is an email stating your race classes and numbers.

              Will be easier for you in the long run so please get them to me.

              Mucho thanks -

              Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
              where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!