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Comments and Pics from Shaking the Bugs out at Eagal Lakes -

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  • Comments and Pics from Shaking the Bugs out at Eagal Lakes -

    Thank you to all who showed up to run supervised practice at Tracy!!!
    Can't tell you how good it was seeing all of you. It made me smile to
    see some people we've missed like Cannonball Matt Ford, Team Harden,
    Chad Campbell, and "no fear" Mendoza, and it was encouraging to see
    a handfull of new faces gearing up to run their first outlaw season with us.

    Saw some things that made me laugh myself into a frenzy, and I saw some
    things that made me smile with a whole lot of pride - like ALL of you proving
    that a race organization CAN safely make a major change to a "red-right"
    buoy system without any problems whatsoever. Or like all of you immrdiately
    adapting to the new red flag procedure for racers. Everytime we threw the
    unexpected red flag as a test, I kept looking from one end of the course to
    the other waiting to see who I was going to have to re-instruct... but
    there ended up being no need for that. In fact, as far as unexpected incidents
    go it apparently got a little downright boring for a few so they took matters
    into their own hands to liven things up a bit, and they did it in true outlaw style.

    We talked about maybe having a crossover race at Tracy in the future, because
    the 20 acre park is so perfect for moutain bike races or bass tournaments. Seems
    a few people wanted to make the water to land transition a little sooner than
    expected just to try it out.

    New Team Orange Safety Ski rider Jimmy Fuller got a rude awakening to the fact
    our old and weathered 97 Yanaha Wave Runners don't quite turn the same as
    his previous tricked out Kawi Ultra race boat. Somewhere during a left turn switch
    back, Jimmy either got bored, or he just wanted to check out the Tuscan BBQ facility
    on the far side of the property which you can only access...(by land). In either case
    it was refreshing to see Jimmy launch the safety ski up onto the shore "to make
    sure nothing was clogging up the intake grate"...

    Karty was baby sitting a beautiful red Polaris for an out of state team we all know
    and love, and somewhere along the line.... well lets just say when I saw Doug standing
    in 1 foot of water next to the inside berm, he said it was because he thought he had
    seen two 3 legged red tailed frogs mating and he wanted to capture the act with his
    Go Pro???

    Derek Mendoza was having a few probs with an uncoopertive ski so a few people
    let him run some laps on just about everything lined up on the beach so he could
    get some buoy time in. When he was on Kranich's big motored X-2 I remember smiling
    and thinking "that dude can ride anything - and ride it fast!" Derek took things to a
    new level by showing me that back in the day racers would mix racing and freestyle
    together in race heats for the enjoyment of the spectators - and race directors...
    NEVER have I seen an X-2 racer in a straightaway pull off a wave to the crowd, leading
    into a shoulder roll, leading into a hand stand, and then into an over the hood dismount
    the way the No Fear guy did... It was spectacular, and I remember saying to everyone
    around me - DID YOU LOOK AT THAT??!!

    Not to be outdone by anyone - the General of the X-2 Army John Dewar decided to
    spin a few laps in the SCXP class to break in that beautiful Black and Green Kawi Ultra
    he recently added to his fleet, running against Mendez, Silvera, and Jesse James Wilson.
    Just about the time I was thinking how awesome Mendez was looking on the water, I saw
    a Black and Green blur leaving the water and traveling up the berm just about where Jimmy
    Fuller had made his earlier exit. I thought at first John just wanted to get some Traci Cottle
    promo shots with the ski out of the water next to the lake, but Dewar said later he thought
    he had seen some prime firewood along the far shore and he was going to bring some back to
    take up to Camp Far West with the ski - because it would have been too heavy to carry by hand...

    I was going to give the Junior A and B time trial kids a few shots at running 1 lappers, but
    Stan the Man said "I got this" ... and it was very cool for me to see Sammy T, Youssef, and
    Granite Bay's X2 representative Stirling, get a little longer uninterrupted course time than usual.
    My favorite junior B #14 pilot was there, and the daughter of the Milkman Miss Rachel Gidley
    and Miss Cienna "Psyche" Ward went out and made us proud running the entire same course as the
    adults and guess what - NONE of those kids had any probs with "Red-Right" either!!!

    It ended up being a very fun and safe day of easing back into the race scene, and although the
    turnout was light - and we hit a few snags - the results were the same as always... simply amazing.

    My thanks to all of you who made the trip, and to a few others as well.
    Team Orange got a pretty good training session in during the morning, and then they were flawless
    (as usual) the rest of the day. Our sincere thanks to -
    Stan "schrockstar" Schrock
    Robbie Hall
    BJ Lovan
    Alec Chattaway
    Robert Stellhorn,
    and new team members in training Jimmy Fuller and Cheryl Biggs.

    New scorekeepers Stephanie Fuller and Nicole Girling were "thrown to the wolves" without a whole lot of
    training, and even though they didn't have to score races they quickly found out just how hectic registration
    can be even on a practice day, and I am happy to report these girls "ROCKED IT"!!! I am so excited to
    have them supplement the team, but now I have to figure out how we handle having 2 Nicoles and 2 Stephanies
    on the same team!!! Thanks for the awesome job ladies - you both were awesome.

    Outlaw Cafe Master Chefs Jill Drexel and Hope Schrock were both on hand to make sure the staff and racers had some
    incredible eats, and lets just say those were the most incredible MEGA sized cheezit coated chicken tenders,
    fries, and ribs I can ever remember having. Ok, ok, ok, its hard to beat the General's ribs, but these were right
    up there on the rib scale!

    It was great to have equipment director Rick Robson back in the saddle again, and as always - the day ran
    without a hitch with him running the gound crew effort. Stan, I didn't get a chance to thank them, but
    you have to tell Youssef and his friends how much I appreciated their hard work!!! The help from the
    big kids was appreciated as well, and Dewar, Cowboy, Stormin Norman, Team Templeton, Psyche, and
    ALL who pulled bricks and buoys up to the race trailer - I THANK YOU!!!

    The Mav guy was there briefly to make sure all the sound equipment hooked up correctly and then he had to
    rush all the way back home for Jenn's birthday... but Rick - THANK YOU for coming all the way down just to make
    sure we were ok and WE ALL wish Jenn a most Happy 29th birthday!!

    How can you have an event without the magic of Traci Cottle being there? You can't - And she was!!
    Traci - thank you for coming all the way down for a non race event and doing what you do best.
    You already know how we feel about your racer pics, but I gotta say... that shot of Team Orange
    training with the simulated injury gave me an incredible feeling of pride - in fact it still does right now
    as I look up at it at its new home on my office wall...

    Site hosts John and Karen Eagal have got to be 2 of the coolest people I've ever met, and they really
    have been impressed with the outlaw nation. Thanks to both of them for the hospitality they show us
    and for making us feel so welcome. It was getting a little chilly friday night when John pulled up in his
    truck and said "no campfire?" Karty replied "Jim said no campfires". John either replied "what does he know"
    or "that was before we knew how responsible you guys were" and he then proceeded to dump a truckload
    of wood on the grass and said with a smile "enjoy" - and we did!

    Lastly, I sincerely thank all of you who contributed an overwhelming $1000 of your hard earned money to
    help replace my 1988 worn out motorhome with the blown up motor. Right when I was going to pay
    almost $10,000 to have just the motor replaced in the old rig - an unexpected opportunity presented
    itself and I was very fortunate in being able to unveil to you the "new to me" but slightly used djsa class-c
    rolling command post. They say things happen for a reason and this is livingproof.

    Friday I made 2 trips with the dually for the safety skis and the race trailer expecting to sleep in the back of the truck with another sore back. Sunday I end up coming home towing the safety skis behind an awesome class c motorhome in
    excellent condition and with a strong motor and plenty of power to serve us for many years to come.
    While driving home thinking about my good fortune, I could not stop thinking about all of you who ALWAYS
    help me out when the going gets tough... and a few times when I looked in the rear view mirror I could swear I
    could see my Dad's smiling face with a big thubs up from Bob...

    Well all you special people of the Outlaw Nation... that thumbs up from Bob up in heaven was for all you guys.
    Its going to be an awesome season and I am indebted to you for your support - and your friendship...

    Lets race...

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    Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
    where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!


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    Saturday was really fun. I was glad to get back out on the water and work out the bugs. Can't wait for round 1!


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      It was great being back out and taking pictures Can't wait for Salt Springs. Thanks Everyone!

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        Traci -

        5 STARS AS ALWAYS!!!
        Thanks for everything you do for us ~
        (those ones of of the land expeditions and of Mendez Junior on the flag stand stealing my job were awesome)

        Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
        where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!



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          Thanks Tracy...some may not believe the stories of the "lengendary" off-track experiences of Fuller/Dewer/Karty, but, we got proof.
          [email protected]

          DJSA Racing


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            Really?... only 4 replies?

            No chatter about - RED-RIGHT,
            new course procedures you pulled off perfectly,
            the spectacular get offs,
            the race site,
            the cheez-it coated giant sized chicken tenders,

            Just as a reminder -
            when I know what you like we keep it...
            when we know what you don't like - we try and fix it...

            Again, my thanks to all of you who came out for a non race event.
            I had a blast - I hope you did too!

            Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
            where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!



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              Red right is how it should be from the beginning of pwc racing. It is so much easier for the brain to grasp. When you're out there giving it your all to pick up time or make up time, you don't have time to think about anything else. Maybe it's just me.


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                I wouldn't care if all the buoys were green, once you learn the course run it the same way each time!

                BUT... I do like the RED RIGHT. And the RED FLAG thing is MUCH MUCH easier than before.

                Oh and JIM, I knew your old motorhome looked familiarClick image for larger version

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Name:	spaceballs1237.jpg
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ID:	4852215 Even found a pic of you in your younger years with some other guy! HAHA!

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                  Norm - thanks for the input. I care what all you guys think as a group, but what you vet racers have to say gets just a bit more consideration. I didn't see any problems running RED-RIGHT throughout the whole day, and my hope is that it makes things easier for the new racers we have coming out.

                  Karty - seriously? really? spaceballs? really? I got a call from a movie museum wanting to know if I'd be interested in donating the old rv. Were you behind that??? You have way too much time on your hands sir...

                  Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
                  where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!