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DJSA Outlaw Racing at GSR in Reno - September 21st and 22nd - Interested?

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  • DJSA Outlaw Racing at GSR in Reno - September 21st and 22nd - Interested?

    PWC racing regardless of where it is at is always awesome, but there's just something very cool about racing in the center of a city where the race course is surrounded by businesses and lots of people, so now I'm hoping to bump things up a notch with something I've been working on for a couple years. It looks as though most the hurdles have been overcome and what it will come down to now is racer interest. Outlaw pwc racing in northern California has been going pretty strong for about 8 years, but now I'd like to bring some of that outlaw racing a little bit east and see what the ÔÇ£biggest little city in the worldÔÇØ thinks of it - Reno Nevada.

    In trying to dodge the Region-1 Jettribe series, World Finals, Hot August Nights, and the Reno Air Races, a race weekend available for us is September 21st and 22nd at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno. I know it's a couple weeks before World Finals but if you're burned out on practicing without racing and you want to get another race in before the big one ÔÇô you're more than welcome to throw the beast on the trailer and make the hop over to Reno to ÔÇ£Impress the WestÔÇØ- This race weekend will not only highlight you guys, but it will also highlight some pretty special people and services available to good families who suddenly find themselves faced with having to ÔÇ£Stand up to CancerÔÇØ-

    Host Hotel ÔÇô Grand Sierra Resort Casino
    Host Race Site ÔÇô Sierra Bay Aqua Range adjacent to the hotel
    2 days ÔÇô 3 events

    * Saturday Sept 21st ÔÇô DJSA Point Series Race #8 (double points)
    11 classes ÔÇô 2 heats - open to all racers from any region

    * Saturday Night under the lights ÔÇô 5 class extreme cash can shootout
    > Vintage X-2 open / 800 cc cap on the motor (class payout tba)
    > Vintage 550JS open / 550 cc cap on the motor (class payout tba)
    > Sport Sit 1200 GP open expert / 800 runabout open expert (class payout tba)
    > FAST Stand pro/am expert / 1200cc cap on the triples (class payout tba)
    > SCXP Supersit pro/am expert open runabout ÔÇô (class payout tba)
    (Racers running Saturday night must race the series race during the day as there will not be any crane launching between the day and night race)

    > Sunday Sept 22nd ÔÇô DJSA ÔÇ£Best in the West Regional ShootoutÔÇØ
    (Formerly known as the norcal-socal shootout)
    11 classes ÔÇô 3 heats ÔÇô open to all regions ÔÇô
    A minimum of 2 racers from the same region in any class make a scoring team
    A 5 ft trophy and bragging rights for one year will go home with the winning region.

    Since you're probably going to ask ÔÇô I'm looking at the following tentative entry fees;
    Sat Series Race ÔÇô
    $5.50 for vintage 550JS
    $60 for X-2's
    $75 for all other classes

    Sat Nite Xtreme Cash Can Racing ÔÇô
    $20 bucks in the can on the startline for X-2s and 550 JS
    $25 bucks in the can for the Sport Sit / 800 Runabouts
    $30 bucks in the can for the FAST Stand GP and SCXP Supersit expert runabouts

    Sun Best of the West ÔÇô
    $5.50 for vintage 550JS
    $60 for X-2's
    $75 for all other classes

    Before more work goes into this to pull it off, I need to know realistically how many racers from both norcal and outside norcal would be interested in racing Reno at this unique arena style outdoor location. Our 11 classes cater to all experience levels, but if an entry cap is placed on the Saturday night cash racing, preference will be given to pro/am experts and higher level intermediate racers.

    The race course is going to be pretty cool if I do say so myself. Racing around islands instead of buoys has the potential to be pretty entertaining and I'm thinking it will probably cut down on penalties because you won't be running into these puppies - but for families, kids, and friends getting a little bored during the day, what the hotel offers for entertainment is amazing. From the restaurants, shows, shopping, games and 50 lane bowling alley I think most everyone will find this to be an awesome host location - and that doesn't even include the nightlife fun!!!

    Before I finish my work, I'm going to ask you to do a little work and that's shooting me an email of interest if you think you'd like to participate. If there is minimal interest from outside norcal, then we'll be running a full weekend of outlaw point series racing and opening up the classes for Saturday night. One way or the other DJSA is coming to Reno for some fun, but how we do it is up to you-

    If interested, please send me an email to [email protected] with the following information.
    Name -
    Age -
    City and State -
    Race region or group -
    Years of race experience -
    Ability level ÔÇô novice / intermediate / expert / pro
    Class -
    Race ski make and model -
    Interested in > sat - sat night / sunday / all weekend

    I'll keep an updated list here of interested racers.
    We run a few things differently in outlaw country.
    Most those things can be viewed at www.diablojsa.com
    All racers must be 18 years of age unless currently racing as an intern with djsa.
    All racers must have proof of current medical insurance.
    Juniors will not be running at Reno.

    Thanks for your interest and for taking the time to read this. A good friend of mine told me a few years ago ÔÇ£if you build it they will comeÔÇØ- We'll build it, I just need to know how big to build it!

    Jim Lambert
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    Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
    where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!