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DJSA night race #2, (series race #6) Mossdale Lakes, Lathrop Ca, Sat Aug 24th 2013

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  • DJSA night race #2, (series race #6) Mossdale Lakes, Lathrop Ca, Sat Aug 24th 2013

    Coming up next...

    A little MORE Saturday night racing under the lights ÔÇô at ÔÇ£The Rock"

    DJSA 2013 Outlaw Series Race # 6
    The 2nd of 3 night races in the 2013 season.
    Sat / Aug 24th 2013
    Stockton ÔÇô Lathrop California

    Host Location ÔÇô
    Mossdale Lakes
    96 Mossdale Rd,
    Lathrop, Calif. 95330

    Mossdale Lakes (also known as the Mossdale Rock Quarry) is centrally located off HW-5, near Tracy, Lathrop, Manteca, and Stockton.

    Tentative Saturday Schedule ÔÇô
    10amÔÇô Gates open for DJSA racers / Racer pit setups and launching
    11amÔÇô Registration open
    1230ÔÇô Course practice by class
    230ÔÇô Mandatory riders meeting
    3pmÔÇô Heat 1 all classes
    5pmÔÇô Heat 2 all classes
    7pmÔÇô Dinner break
    8pmÔÇô Heat 3 all classes
    11pm-Site tear down / Awards

    Race fees ÔÇô
    X-2 Army - $75
    750 and under standup - $75
    All other classes - $85
    Vintage 550JS - $5.50
    Additional classes - $20 each (total of 3 in a day)
    Unless approved by Jim, any late race day entries are $100 regardless of class.

    Advanced payment via paypal always helps me out and speeds things up on race day - but what's most important is sending me a completely filled out entry form via email. Most of you have them already on your computers but if you don't you can download one fromwww.diablojsa.com. Incomplete forms will be sent back to you, so please fill them out completely with all personal, emergency, medical, and race ski info included- If it's requested on the form, it's for a reason.

    I only need one entry per racer but if you are running multiple classes on different skis, I need the additional info for the classes and the skis you will be running. Things always run smoother if we know you're coming in advance. Your help in this area is greatly appreciated-

    If you have already raced a 2013 djsa series race, all you need to do is shoot me an email of intent with your ÔÇô Name, Class or classes, Race #, and Ski make/model.
    I will print your entry out for you. If any of your personal or sponsor info has changed ÔÇô I'll need an updated entry form.

    Start positions ÔÇô
    To save time and ensure everyone gets in 3 good heats of racing, we will not be running time trials for start line picks. Heat 1 start line picks will be established from the order that pre-entries are received. Those registering on race day will get randomly assigned line picks after all pre-entered racers take their place on the line.
    Heat 2 and 3 start line picks will be based on finish positions of the previous heat.

    Site fees -
    Dry Camping upper lot - $20 per night
    Racer / Spectator / Family day pit access - $5 per vehicle per day if not camping.

    Pit vehicles ÔÇô
    Pit Vehicles are allowed only in the vicinity of the race site, launching, and parking areas with a mandatory speed limit of 10 mph. Pit vehicles are not allowed outside the designated area and are NOT to be on trails at anytime. Pit vehicles being used during hours of darkness will display proper lights or they will be parked.
    Operators under 14 will be accompanied by an adult at all times or they will be parked.

    * Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

    * No amplified noise is allowed before 8am, and after 11pm.

    Hotel Rooms ÔÇô
    There are way too many hotels, motels, malls, outlet stores, and restaurants to list ÔÇô so ÔÇ£google the areaÔÇØ and have at it! Tracy, Lathrop, and Stockton all have nice reasonably priced hotel and motels in the area.

    Course ÔÇô
    This course will be run in counter clockwise direction
    Red buoys - right turns
    Yellow buoys - left turns
    Race smart and go around the buoys without hitting them.

    Take note -
    We lost 23 buoys at Tracy. That's simply not going to happen anymore.
    Effective immediately, any racer popping or dislodging a buoy from it's anchor, resulting in officials having to stop the race to replace or alter the course route for other racer's safety, will be immediately black flagged from the heat in progress.

    Being black flagged, means you will exit the course, return to the pits, and ponder over why you can't go around buoys without hitting them like everyone else. Go around them without hitting them and this won't become an issue.

    Penalty Buoys ÔÇô
    The penalty ÔÇ£walk of shameÔÇØ buoys will be set up and will be taken at NO WAKE SPEED from the first one to the second one, and only then ÔÇô can you re-enter the course at race speed ONLY IF NO OTHER RACERS ARE WITHIN 100 Ft! If you go down in a corner ÔÇô you MUST yield to any approaching racer within 100 ft before re-entering the course. If you have to take the walk of shame ÔÇô you MUST yield to any approaching racer within 100 ft. It's a PENALTY BUOY ÔÇô not a race buoy-.
    * Standups WILL take the walk kneeling in the tray at NO WAKE SPEED
    * Sits should be looking back to ensure they aren't making a wake... because all those who do it wrong - get to do it again!!

    We have 3 simple rules ÔÇô and you're expected to know them!
    The mandatory 1 ski length safe zone in effect at all times -
    The 100 ft yield rule -
    And no passing, racing, or scoring in yellow flag corners -

    If you are unclear as to the safety rules we run, they are all outlined atwww.diablojsa.com Knowing them in advance will keep you from being dq'd in a heat, and in a point series that's not what you want to have happen! Call or email me if you are unclear about the rules.

    You need -
    * A minimum of 10" or larger non contrasting race numbers are required on every ski. (larger is better!) If you have a dark hull use light colored numbers. If you have a light colored hull, use dark numbers. If we can't read your numbers from a distance you won't be scored.

    * If a race number is duplicated - one racer will add a letter or their last name initial.
    * All Skis MUST HAVE a tow loop attached to the bow
    No numbers - no tow loop - no racing ÔÇô no exceptions!

    Help us make the day go smoothly-
    When you hear your heat race announced as being ÔÇ£on deckÔÇØ for staging, that is the time to gear up, start your ski, and warm it up on the south end of the lake in the designated warm up area. When you are called to staging, you will go immediately to the beach to the right of the flag dock.

    Warm Up Area
    The designated warm up area will be at the south end of the course just to the right of the pit beach. Please be considerate of racers on the course and maintain NO WAKE SPEED along the pit beach until you clear the course boundary. Watch out for each other warming up. Our attention is focused on the course and not out in right field, so please KEEP AN EYE ON EACH OTHER WHEN WARMING UP. If someone needs team orange assistance away from the course, notify me on the flag dock, or one of the team orange safety ski riders.

    Please remember
    * One Ski length safe zone rule in effect at all times ÔÇô no exceptions
    * 100 ft yield rule in effect at all times ÔÇô no exceptions
    * Penalty buoys will be in place - NO CIRCLEING BACK TO MAKE UP BUOYS!
    * Reckless or negligent racing are grounds for leaving early and/or suspension from
    the series.
    * Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind, on or off the water, is an invite to leave
    early and/or face suspension from the series, and that includes racers, crews,
    family, friends, or staff members.
    * No alcohol is permitted until the END of the race day for all racers and crew
    * All racers must be 18 years of age unless accepted into djsa internship program
    * All racers must have proof of current medical insurance available.
    * Please observe the NO WAKE zone when transiting from the launch ramp to the pit
    area. PFD's are required even when taking your ski off the trailer.
    * No fueling on the water without fuel pads or you will have to pull your ski from the
    water. I will have them fuel pads available at the riders meeting and on the flag

    Holders ÔÇô
    Holders are allowed in every class except the Sprint and SCXP runabout classes.
    All holders are required to wear a helmet, eye protection, PFD, and footwear, otherwise they will not be allowed into the start line area. (Gloves are highly recommended)

    Course diagram is attached. Please STUDY IT and become familiar with it before race day.

    I look forward to seeing the outlaw nation at ÔÇ£the rockÔÇØ
    Call if you have any questions. (925) 303-0713

    Attached Files
    Outlaw PWC Racing in Northern California -
    where the "Outlaw Nation" turns RIGHT at RED Buoys !!!