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2020 Poker Runs

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  • 2020 Poker Runs

    Anyone know of any poker runs for 2020 around the Northeast?

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    No but I'd love one. I'm gonna think about trying to organize one


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      The WNYPWC usually has a fun-run, fundraiser during the summer on Lake Erie.


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        I hope they start popping up again, man! I miss a good poker tournament myself. For now, I spend most of my time on online casinos, primarily using my sum of Bitcoin as I get some great deals and bonuses when I'm paying with them. Especially when it reached 60k the other day, I was registering on all sites that accepted it as a form of payment. It's great to have https://lambo2btc.com/bitcoin_esports_betting comparing them all, so I was making the most out of the spike and had my money put in my favorite game for much less than I would have paid if it was with cash.
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          There's a small one on Seneca Lake coming up in 2021 https://www.rochesteroffshore.org/battleship-run


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            Originally posted by recon701 View Post
            There's a small one on Seneca Lake coming up in 2021 https://www.rochesteroffshore.org/battleship-run
            This is for powerboats. My brother powerboat club runs this event. I would not show up with a ski, as boats that are capable of well over 100mph attend.

            We had some skis trying to run with us on the Niagara River a few years ago, a guy tried racing close to a boat and bit it.... and was almost run over buy a boat.

            The WNYPWC club has been vents all the time that are strictly PWC’s and have chase vessels as well.


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                Originally posted by Christopher212 View Post
                Wow, interesting story!
                Yeah.... it was not good at all!!!

                We don’t mess around!!
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