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Looking for a 2 stroke mechanic on Long Island

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  • Looking for a 2 stroke mechanic on Long Island

    Can anyone recommend a mechanic or dealer on Long Island that still works on 2 strokes that does good work?

    I have a 2011 SXR800 that I've had since new and is still 100% stock that I flush every time. I haven't used it in a number of years due to having no time to ride, last year when I went to use it it wasn't getting cooling (the inlet was clogged a little with salt), I cleaned up the inlet and replaced all the cooling lines in the ski. I rode it after that and it seemed to ride fine, but once it warmed warmed up if I shut it off it was very grumpy to restart. This year I started it on the hose once and when I went to rev it up a little to clear the water out of the exhaust and the engine ran away full throttle, I pulled the lanyard, kept running, then pulled the spark plug wires, kept running then I closed the choke and that killed it.

    I want to have someone go over the whole ski and do some upgrade while they're at it. I just don't have the time to do all the work on it myself anymore and just want to have it done ready to go for next year. I have a factory wetpipe that I've never gotten around to installing, want to install a rrp handlepole, and a few other bolt on things.

    I used to use jetsport in Huntington for warranty stuff and still have them service my 4 stroke when I don't have the time but they told my they no longer work on the 2 strokes and they would never install any aftermarket parts anyway.

    Who's around on the Island that you all recommend (I'm in suffolk, but am willing to go anywhere on the island for good work).

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    Ive never used this guy but saw a for sale ad on the island for a Gp1300r that had this guys card for just having built an engine.

    +1 (516) 457-3468mike
    figured it’s better to post something than nothing.

    pwcengine.com is on the island too from what I hear