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Summer Ski Fest Tampa Bay 2012

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  • I don't have any videos from the ride since I wasn't able to go. But I have a short clip from when Dave (from cycle springs) was on the fly board. I'll try and get some editing done and throw it up here for those that might not have had the chance to see it.

    It would be awesome to see some clips from the ride(s) though


    • We had a great time seeing everyone again this year! Already can't wait to head back and do it again...except next time I think I'll spend a bit more time drinking at the pool and less time crashing in the mangroves....lol... Thanks to Ken for setting it all up...great job just like last year! And Thanks to Brain for a terrific ride on the Alafia on Sunday...that was the perfect way to wind down our trip! Eric...get healed up and ready to ride...we'll be back for another visit before you know it!


      • Originally posted by Gus13letter
        Actually she was telling me to go and she wasn't even home all day, but even though the wife says it's ok to work on it or ride, apparently it isn't ok cause I tend to catch an earful a month or so later. I guess working on it all week and past couple weekends sent her over the edge and got emotional about it. Sometimes it can be tough with two kids and stay at home wife. Maybe I'll get back into it again later.
        I've learned from my future wife that the words, "Go ahead, do it" is more of a dare than it is permission.

        Usually she is very fair with letting me out of the house.


        • Whats a wife? Oh yea yea i remember now..
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          • It was great meeting new friends and seeing old friends again at Skifest! Had a blast. Whoever took us for a ride on his jet boat Saturday..thanks! And thanks to Ken from Tampa for another year of SkiFest.

            Hope to see you all in Tavares Sept 22nd .... www.ridefordenise.com


            • It's not much - but it's better than nothing for those that didn't get the glimpse, but here is a quick video I threw together from the FlyBoard this Saturday.

              Sorry for the quality, I was pretty far with the GoPro.


              • Originally posted by H2HO
                Hey who's the dude that got the earful for racing?
                i heard about that @$$ hole !!!! can't belive people wont let others just Ride and have fun hassle free.... It was great meeting and finally riding with everyone in tampa

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