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    I'm looking to meet up with a old riding buddy half way in between. He is coming from south Georgia and im coming from northern Indiana. Looks like Nashville is about half way in between. He has modded RXP-X and I have modded GP1800R so we would like to find a lake with some action. I know nothing about lakes around Nashville but see J Percy Priest and Center Hill as two possible options. If anyone knows of these lakes I would love to hear. We are also trying to find a cabin to rent for the time there. Looks like the Edgar Evans state park on center hill might be a good option for lodging if we end up there. If anyone else wants to get together and ride that weekend it would be a blast to meet and ride with more people.

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    Why a lake? Just ride the Cumberland river. Launch around Nashville and head West.
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      Free, downloadable GPS trails for finding the best places to ride a PWC including informative trip reports and ride recorded videos.
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        I’ve been going to Douglas or Norris lakes near Knoxville a good deal this year... You all make your way over and I’d be happy to ride Or do some racing or all of the above if you all are interested. Always great to meet up new PWC folks..
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