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Tennessee River 600 Ride

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  • Tennessee River 600 Ride

    Well the River run is only 11 day away. Looks like the readers of this web site don't like those Long Distant rides like we do on the 600 mile trip. Maybe in the future you might become interested in a great trip which Benefits The Childrens Hospitals. www.tennesseeriver600.com
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    23 rd Tennessee River 600 ride to start Sunday the 21 July

    Well 2 more days till I get to view the other 91 people who are attending the Tennessee River 600 EVENT.
    Have over 22 new riders from all over the country and Canada attending. The first year of the event we had 136 who made the challenge but over the years now it sort of has always been around 50 jet ski's and support.
    What I like is that it is a benefit ride for the Children's Hospital and TWRA
    A lot of people make it their Summer Vacation as it usually takes up a whole week with travel to do it. People from as far away as the West Coast drive the long trip to make the adventure and with the Canadians growing in numbers it is great to meet fellow Jet Ski enthusiast. A lot of work goes into the planning of the event and the same man who took it over after the first year has done a great job in my opinion.
    I have been failing in my health over the years but still try to make this event each year just to meet old friends. Feel bad that some of those friends have passed away but this year we are going to give one of them her wish of having her remains scattered on the Tennessee River at Pickwick Landing close to her home town.
    I love to talk with the newbies and learn about them, just wish I could remember every ones name but that is a aging thing I think. Anyway if you who read this are interesting in it at all view it on WWW.TENNESSEERIVER600.COM. There is also a #TN600 site on Facebook which you can follow. It should have some good photos of the group and its events. Big George


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      Hey George. How was the 600 ride this year?