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ATTN: Texas/Louisiana riders

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  • ATTN: Texas/Louisiana riders

    Giant Salvinia ALERT!!!

    Giant salvinia has now been found in Lakes Caddo, Toledo Bend, Sam Rayburn and Palestine

    This should be considered a sticky. This is very inportant to any and all water/recreation users.
    Please don't consider this a joke you guys. That last link is to a Texas fishing forum, the reason I posted this one is that these guys keep real,up to date with stuff like this and will update has they see it. No offense to intened to PWC riders

    Sorry, the page you’re looking for is no longer available. Stay connected to Nature by diving into your local chapter page and explore the things that The Nature Conservancy has been working with near you.

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    ok..understood........this weed is bad news
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      That stuff is bad news! If you get any of that stuff on your trailer when picking up your ski definitely take the time to clean it off. If you leave it on and go to another launch site you will promote spreading of this weed. I sure wouldn't want it in the Mudbug bayous
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        February 20, 2008

        By RAY SASSER Outdoors Writer [email protected] Texas Parks and Wildlife biologists have scheduled a meeting in Lindale on Saturday to educate the public about the risk of invasive exotic organisms and how to identify them.
        In January, giant salvinia, an extremely fast-growing neotropical fern, was identified at Lakes Palestine and Sam Rayburn. State and local officials have been working to control giant salvinia at Toledo Bend Reservoir on the Texas-Louisiana border.
        TP&W biologists Tim Bister, Aaron Jubar and Richard Ott are scheduled to attend the meeting at Mack's Discount Tackle, 300 South Main St., Lindale. Lindale is near Tyler. The meeting is set for 9 a.m.-noon.
        Ott said the state experts will make a presentation and then answer questions about invasive species or any other general-interest topic regarding fisheries resources and their management.
        The presentation will cover giant salvinia, hydrilla, water hyacinth, zebra mussels and northern snakeheads.
        Two years ago at Lake Texoma, a marina worker was about to launch a boat that had been moved from Michigan to Texas when he spotted suspicious mollusks clinging to the boat hull. The mollusks turned out to be zebra mussels. Zebra mussels clog water lines and have a profound impact on a lake's food chain by diminishing plankton, leading to a decrease in turbidity that eventually affects water temperatures and oxygen distribution.
        Zebra mussels have not been identified in Texas waters but have been found in neighboring Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Invasive species are often spread by clinging to boat trailers and boat hulls as the boats are moved from one waterway to another.
        For more information about Saturday's meeting, call Ott at 903-566-2161.

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          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 27, 2008
          Media Contact: Tim Bister, (903) 938-1007

          Giant Salvinia and Water Hyacinth Found in Brandy Branch Reservoir
          Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Working to Contain Spread; Boat Ramp Closed
          LONGVIEWÔÇöAn alert Texas Parks and Wildlife Department fisheries technician was in the right place at the right time on Brandy Branch Reservoir on Sunday, February 24.
          Kenneth Kay was conducting a creel survey at the lake's only boat ramp when he observed massive amounts of plants floating on the water immediately after an angler launched his boat. Kay identified two prohibited non-native plants, water hyacinth and giant salvinia.
          Kay immediately gathered as many plants as he could and notified the TPWD Inland Fisheries biologist in charge of the lake, Tim Bister, and Harrison County game wardens.
          TPWD personnel removed approximately 100 pounds of invasive plants. The game wardens issued the angler a citation. The angler stated that he had been fishing at Caddo Lake the previous day and named the ramp he used. That ramp is posted with a sign warning anglers of the presence of giant salvinia and stating that it is against the law to transport the plant.
          On Tuesday TPWD installed a floating boom to confine any remaining plants to the boat ramp area and continued removing plant material by hand. The Southwest Electric Power Co., operator of the lake, closed the ramp to all boats. It will remain closed until further notice. TPWD will inspect the area daily until no further giant salvinia is found.
          ÔÇ£We will be patrolling the area to be sure nobody tampers with the boom or the barricades,ÔÇØ said TPWD Game Warden Captain Larry Hand of Tyler. ÔÇ£All the game wardens in the East Texas area have been alerted to be on the lookout for the invasive plants. We will also keep other local law enforcement agencies informed. This is a multi-divisional, multi-agency effort.ÔÇØ
          Brandy Branch is a 1,242-acre power plant cooling lake about 10 miles east of Longview off F.M. 3251.
          Giant salvinia has now been found in Lakes Caddo, Toledo Bend, Sam Rayburn and Palestine. ÔÇ£We ask that people look for the plant and call us if they see it,ÔÇØ said TPWD biologist Rick Ott. ÔÇ£Boaters should remove all plant material from their boats and trailers before leaving the ramp every time they go to the lake. Place any plants in trash cans or dumpsters so they cannot be washed back into the lake.ÔÇØ
          Possession or transport of giant salvinia or other prohibited aquatic vegetation in Texas is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $25 to $500 per plant. Anyone seeing a possible violation may report it by calling (800) 792-GAME.
          Giant salvinia is a highly invasive exotic floating fern that can spread very quickly. Dense mats of floating vegetation block sunlight and can result in the death of all other life beneath it. Information on how to identify giant salvinia can be found at http://salvinia.er.usgs.gov/.
          Anyone finding suspected giant salvinia in a public water body should contact TPWD Aquatic Habitat Biologist Howard Elder at (409) 384-9965 or Rick Ott at (903) 566-2161.
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            Check out this report of Lake Bistineau in Louisana. Watch the video in this newslink

            More on Lake Bistineau's Gaint Silvania problem here http://www.lakebistineau.com/salvinia/index.htm
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              That's great... more yard to mow...

              I'd pay to watch! Seriously that's some nasty looking stuff, we had a hydrilla problem at our lake one year when I was young, I remember having to go a bit, then raise the motor to clear the prop... it was fun to throw at each other though...