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Practice/ski shakedown before R5 - 4/13/2012

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  • Practice/ski shakedown before R5 - 4/13/2012

    FRIDAY, April 13, 2012 at 2:00pm until Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 3:00pm

    I am trying to see who all wants to meet up at Lake Bryan again like we all did before . This is so we can get some practice time in and shake down the skis before the season starts. I was hoping to get two days in and some mountain biking done as well. If you have any other ideas or suggestion please post up, we will be doing beginner skill training and just having a great time on the track. IF you never rode a buoy course you should come out and see how your skill is and how your ski does. I recommend a MX helmet but it isn't required post up questions if you have any.

    BUOYS , yes yes, BUOYS


    PS ... you do not have to be racer to come out and hang or camp. We like all ski owners and even if you want to come out and try some buoys or just talk skis all day please come. Ill be out there with the new 2012 RXPX. Please let me know if your interested we are taking up money for good ol crawfish boil Friday night!
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    Me me me...... I think we will try to make it there. I will be new at racing this year so I can take all the buoy practice I can get.
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      Hope to meet ya !!! More Runabouts the better !


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        Originally posted by TXSPORTSWOMN View Post
        Me me me...... I think we will try to make it there. I will be new at racing this year so I can take all the buoy practice I can get.
        You really need to get to work on your cardio!

        Originally posted by sidsol View Post
        Hope to meet ya !!! More Runabouts the better !
        Well I hope I can make it better. Look like 2 more U300s will be invading R5


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          Why doesent R5 make that place a race site?
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            Good question,,,, Ill ask Brian . We use this spot all the time for practices and meet ups. I know we race Madisonville not to far away and Baytown


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              Can you say 2013?? We WILL be racing there faster than you think!
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                after talking with GL it seems we could have another race in Morgan City as well.


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                  I just want to state I got to meet some of these guys this past weekend and they accepted us and really helped out.

                  I would like to say anyone who may have been curious about doing some Closed Course or endurance racing come out to the practice weekend and give it a shot. As far as the racing there are many levels of rider and ski so everyone can be competative. We are really needing more runabout participation. I don't want to have to race against myself so all of you that did all of this to your skis, come on out and have a little fun with it.