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IRONMAN 6th Annual Teaser for 222 mile endurance ride

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  • IRONMAN 6th Annual Teaser for 222 mile endurance ride

    The West Coast Watercraft Club is hosting the 6th Annual Ironman Ride. We will ride 222 miles round trip in 8 hours. Our newest female rider Michelle is excited to ride the Ironman for the first time. It was a mutual decision to have our first Leap Year ride for 2020, we want to make all rides different and exciting. This is the first stop of the West Coast Rec Tour and is for Avid riders only. All riders must have marine radios and GPS with proper safety gear to participate. All riders must sign the liability waiver to be a participant. WCWCC provides road crew assistance available in case a breakdown should occur. Make sure to get your preventive maintenance service done at your local dealer or with our club mechanic George before attending this ride. This will test your endurance and the durability of your watercraft. No beginners no exceptions!!! The ride takes place February 29, 2020 @ 5am. 590 Queensway Drive, Long Beach, CA.. Join the club: https://www.wcwcc.com/join/

    2018 Seadoo 300 RXP-X and RXT-X

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