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  • How to launch my new sea doo the

    <span dir="auto" class="style-scope yt-formatted-string">https://youtu.be/M98vXMPVPEs

    This video was produced to help new members learn how to launch your Sea-Doo for the first time. Michelle purchased her Sea-Doo RXTX at Temecula Motorsports. She took her Sea-Doo to Davie's Marina Launch ramp to take her ski for the first ride. Parking was $12 dollars which can only be paid with a debit or credit card. During the week is the best time to practice launching your ski to avoid crowds.Before you launch you should always park first and look over all your equipment. When parked it's a good time to install any additional GoPro cameras and GPS devices. Having a reserve fuel can is always a good option to have. Put on your riding gear and let's head over to the launch ramp. Before you launch make sure your plugs are closed and un hook the straps holing your Sea-Doo to the trailer. Try to use your reverse camera and side mirrors when backing up your trailer into the water. You will want to have your trailer submerged enough to slide the ski off the trailer with ease. If you go to far, don't panic. This happens all the time. Stay calm and walk out and swim to your ski. Don't forget your key to the ski. before backing the ski off the trailer. Have your docking ropes available. Put your side bumpers on before you back the ski off from the trailer. The trailer will add stability and won't let the ski roll when you reach to the sides to instal the side bumpers. Proper gear is always important when riding your ski in the ocean. We strongly encourage to carry a life vest, whistle, GPS, marine radio, cell phone, docking ropes, side bumpers, spare cash, ID, credit card and your insurance card.

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