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Franky ZAPATA letter of apologise to Scott Fraizier( IJSBA )

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  • Franky ZAPATA letter of apologise to Scott Fraizier( IJSBA )

    Dear Mr FRAZIER

    I am writing to you to explain my reasoning of the incident that happened during the technical inspections of World Finals.

    I understand well that my actions are inexcusable and out of the interest of the sport that i have participated in for 10 years but i would like to explain myself.

    As you would have seen within the points situation, if one of the two racers hadn't crashed into me, i would have been world champion.

    It has been 10 years that i've been working alone, without a mecanic, engineer or a factory therefore i ?½ fight ?? the world alone since 10 years. I don't earn money and have just enough to live. My only compensation that i could have had would have been world champion.

    Already last year, everything was reunited to become world champion, but again during the first start FARTHING cut ten lines so i was against the holshot so i left last place. The 2nd round, KANAMORI came into me just as i had over taken him for 3rd place, the result was that i fell and am last again. ( there was no sanction taken for either of them )

    Sir, i would just like to tell you that i never had any problems in the water, it could have been very dangerous and was imoral. I think it deserves somes sanctions, at least the same as i've received.

    If you desire you are welcome to find out all about me via Yves VAN HEERS and the president of the FFM ( French motosports marine federation), they can confirm that i have never had an incident like this, and i've never crashed into anyone one purpose in 10 years. In 2005 i did 24 rounds and started about in 3rd or 4th position at every moto so i approximated pass 75 people without going into them or causing any problems.

    The blue flag rule, as you certainely know, oblige all racers who are a round behind to let the leaders pass if not penalities can be given.

    The two racers looked at me and opened up for me at the first intersection, but at the second they closed in on me and made me fall. ( video in the support )

    I am not saying that these events excuse what i have done, for from that, but i think, as hundreds of others do, that it could have attributed to the circonstances that happened after.
    It is true that the act i committed deserves a telling off but not to the extent that was given.

    I know that you were a racer before ,that is why i hope that you can understand a little what i did and why. You must understand the stress that a racer goes through and the frustation i must have had before this fight.

    You can well imagine, that if my brain worked normally at that moment in time, i wouldn't have gone alone to hit five people twice the size of me, even if they had insulted me when i had asked them to explain why they had done that.

    To finished, i was put for the first time in my life the hand euffs and thrown into prison. You can imagine how humiliated i was in the paddock in a police car.
    I am not asking you to excuse what i've done, but i just want to have a trial, as any criminal has and i don't think that i am the worst.

    I think in my case and interests, and the cridibility of the IJSBA, that a decision this radical should never take place by one person.
    I thought that the IJSBA was an association made up of many members and diriged by them.
    I don't think that the IJSBA wants to show the whole world that there is one absolute monarchy with one person who decided alone for everythink.

    I've never had any contact with you before or after this incident and i hope that your oppinion of me hasn't declined too much since that. I would like one day to meet you in the future, to talk of our passions of this sport and its future.

    I would appreciate that you pass on my excuses to the people that i have offended and upset during this incident.

    Best regards

    Franky ZAPATA
    [email protected]