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Ventura Moto Surf - June 13 & 14, Cancelled

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  • Ventura Moto Surf - June 13 & 14, Cancelled

    Racers, below is the email received today from my liason from the CA State Parks office in Ventura. While it was not unexpected I'm still very bummed as I put a lot of work into the 2nd surf race. The good news is I already have requested our 2nd surf race date for the 2021 season- same weekend as was planned for this year - June 12 & 13, 2021. Don't give up hope as I'm working with Lake Elsinore for a possible July & August race dates and Huntington Beach has already given us November 7 & 8 for Moto-Surf & Freeride this year and then April 17 & 18, 2021 to start next years Hot Products Best of the West Series!

    "California State Parks on special events and the evolving pandemic response. Please be advised that all special events/public gathering within my district of California State Parks (Channel Coast District) are to be cancelled through June 28, 2020. This includes San Buenaventura State Beach.
    Please do what you must on your end to ensure your event staff/volunteers and participants know the previously scheduled ÔÇ£Ventura Moto SurfÔÇØ on June 13, 2020 at San Buenaventura State Beach near the Ventura Pier is formally cancelled by California State Parks. I am sad to have to inform all who have worked hard on planning these special gatherings. Our hope is that the hard work we collectively put in now to ÔÇ£meet the momentÔÇØ will pay off later in time with even better events/beach days."
    Fear not, we will race in 2020!!