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Video Questions Sea-Doo Brake's Effectiveness

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  • Video Questions Sea-Doo Brake's Effectiveness

    This one is pretty interesting. An "independent consulting firm" has released a video questioning the effectiveness of Sea-Doo's braking system.

    I think they make some valid points. Problem is, there are enough gray areas to also make me question the impartiality of the test.

    See what you think...

    Video Questions Effectiveness of Sea-Doo Braking System; Is It Truly Independent?

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    I've only ridden a demo, but I played with the brakes a lot.

    He really doesn't look like he is really slamming the brake. If you hit full brakes, you get wet. It sprays right into your face. There is a short pause between applying the brakes and when they kick-in, but they kick in pretty hard and fast when it happens.

    I never played with the off-throttle steering but my '06 GTX won't steer anywhere near that good off-throttle.
    06 3D-DI & 06 GTX LTD


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      That video would have been better if Rob had some of the Hooters girls with him!!
      But I think the brakes will be o.k for low speed docking, any high speed avoidances should be done with turning and throttle.