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3 Bolts From Chaos

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  • 3 Bolts From Chaos

    I was riding last weekend and sensed a strange pull to the left. But I was not sure if it was my imagination. Top speed was way down but engine sounded normal. Was I dragging my sand anchor? Nope. Had my gear in bow shifted way over? Nope. Gunned it over some chop, landed and was almost pitched off. Something is definitely wrong.

    Chugged slowly into shore to inspect the hull. Whoa, rideplate is way loose. Lost 5 of 8 bolts! Dont know if it happened slowly 1 at a time or all at once. Ride was over for the day but I felt real lucky. Fresh bolts later popped in easy. No stripped threads and no damage.

    How many times did I read on this forum to check ride plate bolts before each ride? Probably 12.

    I got flares, strobes, MREs, bells, whistles etc. Meticulous, or so I thought. But I forgot basic inspection checklist.

    I remember a post a long time ago where member removed his rideplate to see how ski would handle. I chuckled and thought it was one of the craziest things Id ever heard. But, I guess I had to see for myself!