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  • lifevest keeps head face up

    Any recommendations for a vest that will turn you face up if your unconscious?

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    i could be wrong but i think as long as it has a USCG approval on it than it will keep your head up. I use a Jet Tribe RS-16 race vest and absolutely love it for its low profile. Im a big guy guy and i hate bulky life jackets.
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      I got a cool princess one for my daughter for the boat and jet ski with a flapper on the back that acts as a pillow if u fall in. Haha prolly not ur style tho. Seriously If u ever fall off I think the life jacket supports ur head. Mine does I believe it would be enough if u fell off and got hurt
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        Originally posted by nitric13
        Any recommendations for a vest that will turn you face up if your unconscious?
        I don't have a recommendation for a specific product.

        My understanding is that the majority of PFD models purchased and sold for boating and watercraft riding do NOT provide floatation capable of turning a facedown person into a face up position. The life jackets that do tend to have a large and bulky front floatation section, which is what does the actual turning over of an unconscious person.

        Type I and Type II designations are the types which 'should' turn the wearer face up, even if unconscious.

        Type III designation is not required to turn the wearer face up.

        For your own PFD, this is not hard to self-test. Wade/swim into deep enough water, then hold your breath, relax your muscles and allow yourself to float face down, waiting for the jacket to rotate your face out of the water. If the jacket keeps you floating, but not face up, then it doesn't.

        Read about the differences between Type I, Type II, and Type III floatation.
        Learn to choose a PFD that works best for your water sport activity. Includes tips on inflatable PFDs, sizing, fitting and features.

        Note how most PFD are rated as Type III, which tend to be the more comfortable fit designs, even for the High Speed models.
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          Great info in K447s post--- you can verify whether your own pfd will float you face up but if you have a type III like most of us ride in, it probably won't. Only a type I has the high probablilty of turning you over if you are unconscious and they're very very bulky to wear.

          I'm concerned about the same thing but wear a type III and never ride alone--- if i'm unconscious, i'll at least float and (hopefully) my riding buddies will turn me face up!