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Dual sport helmets in racing use

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  • Dual sport helmets in racing use


    Apologies if this was already discussed.

    In my limited racing experience I found that big and well directed water splashes onto the goggle area can either cause it to move slightly or suffer some water ingress causing a slight discomfort and or temporary disruption of clear vision.

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience in using dual sport helmets made for offroad/road bike, in jetski racing. Those helmets are MX style but have a big visor and don't necessarily require the use of goggles.

    Specifically I'm wondering if there are fogging issues, or issues related to water ingress and or the stability of the visor during a race.

    Example helmets: AFX FX-41, Fly Trekker, Arai XD

    Opinions and experiences are welcome.

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    I use the Fly Trekker Helmet and love it. I use it in conjunction with goggles and works very well. No fogging and the main visor is easy to flip up if you so desire.


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      Thanks. What about the weight of this helmet, 1.5 kilos (3.3 punds)?


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        Hello & welcome to the Hulk. I do CC racing and I have to wear a helmet & goggles. I wear the moto style helmet ... most do. I purchased a pair of goggles from Dragon, they are "Dragon Aqua" they are for water use and come with an antifog resistant lens. P.S. I also wear a neck brace ... its really has saved my bacon a few times when I have had some "flights of fancy" Ha Ha Good Luck
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          The weight of the Helmet is not an issue. Since I do offshore and endurance racing I take the sun visor off, reduces neck fatigue.

          Originally posted by JustMarc
          Thanks. What about the weight of this helmet, 1.5 kilos (3.3 punds)?