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    Mexico Travel Tips

    Visitors love Mexico for the culture, beaches, and activities. But your first step is getting there. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a Mexican getaway.

    Photo: Michael Hanson
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    Passports: New federal regulations require all U.S. citizens to have passports for air travel to and from Mexico. Cruise passengers and travelers crossing by land will also need passports beginning January 31, 2008. The new regulations have prompted a passport rush. Apply now, and avoid the disappointment and expense of a canceled trip.

    Traveling by Car: Mexico strictly regulates visitors entering the country by car. Before driving across the border, you must have the vehicle's state registration certificate certifying legal ownership or the leasing contract. If the vehicle is leased or rented, it must be in the name of the driver. If the vehicle belongs to a company, proper documentation is necessary to show you work for the company.
    Once across the border, avoid driving at night. Roaming livestock can appear at any time. Travel tip: The country is crisscrossed by toll roads, and it's worth the expense to use them for the convenience and safer driving conditions.

    Finally, U.S. automobile insurance is not valid in Mexico, so you'll have to purchase a separate policy covering the length of your stay. If you're in an accident, you will be taken into police custody until it can be determined who is liable.

    Health: All visitors to Mexico should have routine vaccinations. And you'll want to stock up on basic medicines, such as antidiarrheals, insecticides, and sunscreen.
    Review your health insurance policy before the trip to see if it covers you outside the United States.

    Food and Water: As a rule of thumb, it's best to drink only bottled water, although hotels in resort areas often have water purification systems. Beware of ice cubes that may have been made with tap water.
    Security: Like anywhere else, it makes sense to use hotel safes, avoid wearing obviously expensive jewelry or designer clothing, and carry only the cash or credit cards needed on each outing.

    Water Safety: Remember common sense. You can still get hurt, even on vacation. Use caution when participating in activities such as parasailing, using personal watercraft, snorkeling, and diving.
    Do not use pools or beaches that do not have lifeguards. Some Mexican beaches, including those in Cancun, have warning signs about undertow: Take them seriously.

    Text by Joan Drammeh http://www.coastalliving.com/travel/...0400000000442/
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    I would also say its not the best idea toget in a drug dealers porsche while trashed with him and his bimbo to go ripping around mexico I do have to say though the the guy with the porsche did bring my buddy back to the resort after a 3hr joyride.
    Also be very carefull when using cabs there as well. A cabbie tried to abduct two of my buddys and they had to jump out of the cab at a high rate of speed.
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      'The Life You Save May Be Your Own'


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        passport card

        a good option:

        How to apply for or renew your U.S. passport if you live in United States

        please note

        The new wallet-size U.S. Passport Card is a travel document that can be used to enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda at land border crossings or sea ports-of-entry. Note that it cannot be used for international air travel. The passport card is more convenient and less expensive than a passport book.
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          Last time I was down there was around 1995,
          in Cabo San Lucas; a beautiful place.

          But since then a lot has changed in Mexico, I have no desire to go there anymore. The kidnappings alone are reason enough to avoid it. Kidnappings rose 76 percent in the first four months of 2008, and they continue to skyrocket.

          Mexico doesn't deserve my tourism anymore:
          Pedro Galindo says that when his kidnappers chopped off one of his fingers, the pain was excruciating; he felt every second of the process.

          An American security consultant who has helped negotiate the release of scores of kidnap victims in Latin America was himself kidnapped last week in northern Mexico.

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            Originally posted by YoYamma View Post
            Mexico doesn't deserve my tourism anymore:
            there are still millions of americans that go there to get hammered in Acapulco, Cancun & Puerto Vallarta, the kidnappings dont affect tourism, kidnapping are usually aimed at ppl the cartel knows has money, they wont waste their time kidnapping a middle class hard working person, I travel to Guadalajara very often and havent witnessed any robberies or kidnapping. I did have some trouble at the border coming back, I left my documents back at home. I had me DL but it didnt make the cut, that was one sucky night.
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              Originally posted by ultramaxracing05 View Post
              there are still millions of americans that go there to get hammered in Acapulco, Cancun & Puerto Vallarta, the kidnappings dont affect tourism, kidnapping are usually aimed at ppl the cartel knows has money, they wont waste their time kidnapping a middle class hard working person...
              I hear you but I'm afraid that is changing; look at post no. two on this thread, why do you think that cab driver was trying to abduct his two friends? My brother has a house in Mexico and a Mexican business partner; the kidnapping is getting out of control; of course you can get kidnapped in America too, but in Mexico it's exploding; people are a so scared they are actually putting tracking chips under their skin. Forget about real statistics; most of this never gets reported by their government, because the corruption is so common among the "law enforcement" in Mexico; many of them are in on it, and they want Americans to come down there! In fact, some consider Mexico to be the number one country in the world where tourists are likely to be kidnapped now...

              And they are doing it for a lot less money than they used to, including average joes. That's why the U.S. State Dept. is issuing warnings...

              "Kidnapping, including the kidnapping of non-Mexicans, continues to occur at alarming rates. So-called express kidnappings, i.e., attempts to get quick cash in exchange for the release of an individual, have occurred in almost all of Mexico’s large cities and appear to target not only the wealthy but also the middle class..."

              For anyone thinking about heading into Mexico;
              I would encourage you to read these articles first:
              Amid a surge of American kidnappings at the U.S.-Mexico border, a survivor's story.

              Wealthy Mexicans, terrified of soaring kidnapping rates, are spending thousands of dollars to implant tiny transmitters under their skin so satellites can help find them tied up in a safe house or stuffed in the trunk of a car.

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                The whole story is my one buddy was druged at a local club so another friend took him back to the hotel. On the way the driver made a sexual comment then started to speed up and wouldnt stop. He had to open the door kick my drug up friend out the door then jump out him self.
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                  Originally posted by sportsterme View Post

                  The whole story is my one buddy was druged at a local club so another friend took him back to the hotel. On the way the driver made a sexual comment then started to speed up and wouldnt stop. He had to open the door kick my drug up friend out the door then jump out him self.
                  That's crazy.... but he was smart to get out.
                  Sounds like he was trying to get them to a gang so they could
                  be held for ransom. It's too bad really, people down there are getting desperate, in the last 5 years a lot of their jobs have been going to China:

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                    mexico trip tip.
                    check your suitcase when you leave, one of the little bastards could be hiding in there...lol...


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                      Dont get the donkey show!
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                        I've have the honor of training agents from various Border Patrol divisions nationwide. Our training area is Border State Park. Yes the Tijuana US border, yes contaminated waters. These agents are BORSTAR, they are the ones rescuing and saving the lives of illegal aliens who cross illegally into our nation, violating our laws. However, we train, equip and go forth to give aid to these people.

                        I have witnessed this with my own eyes. I have tremendous respect for the men I have worked with. I've done ride alongs on land and have been out on the water after midnight observing the intent of drug runners and worse. It is a real threat, that our public is desensitized towards, because like all things until you are directly impacted, it does not really exist. Go spend the day and night on the border and see for yourself what goes down.

                        The State Department issues Mexican travel alerts for good reasons. Sure, violence is everywhere you have humans, so it's relative, could happen in your neighborhood tonight. However with that being said, this topic is about travel 'to and from' Mexico, nothing else, and mainly for driving. Any person going into high risk areas and not taking precuations or warnings seriously, and expects help to arrive when things go terribly wrong, places their family, loved ones and others at risk. You go, take the risk and the results, it's the simple and its on your own volition. If you have good results, and a better time, then no problem. However if you are one to have bad results, only you and your direct circle will know how terribly wrong things can go down, and fast.

                        I take my safety seriously, whether I travel internationally, or here in the States, doesn't matter, I pay attention and I investigate. I want to come home to my children, safely and not create a nightmare for them. I am one to take huge travel risks, so even more so important for me. It's a choice. I don't care what other people say negatively, I want to hear suggestions that help make a better experience, because I'm focusing on education and knowledge about safety, not opinions.

                        I am preparting for international travel now Mexico and the Southwest Asia) and have done all my homework, printed papers and forwarded to my team. We have required checklists we all must follow, because there are realities in life and I am a realist. It's not just about 'traveling'. There is a responsibility attached to our choices. Being female and traveling into zones that are not in favor of female travelers (solo) is a safety threat I have to pay attention to, but that's my story, won't compare to anyone else's.

                        Go this site as the resource is made available to everyone:


                        These warnings change all the time, so they are not permanent, check weekly. This is what I do.
                        • Make sure you have travel insurance
                        • Bring all your documents (passport/ID/copies) *I always make copies in case of theft. Anyone ever had your PP stolen? Not good.
                        • Make an emergency contact list, and give out copies to trusted sources.
                        • Know a safe area to meet with those you travel with in case of natural or catastrophic disasters. Look at Haiti, same thing, you need to have a 'boots on the ground' emergency plan for survival. Let your people back home know what this plan is. (travel terror is also the lack of communication silence families have to deal with)
                        • Research the political climate in the zones you will be traveling.
                        • Register with the embassy(ies)
                        • Keep your embassy/consulate contact information with you
                        • Before I travel, I talk with my family about my death and how they will need to mitigate the recovery of my remains internationally.
                        • Know the local threats and infectious disease prior to travel.
                        • Check the weather for the duration of your trip.
                        • Investigate the type of medical care that will be available in the nation you travel towards.
                        Go here for emergency assistance information: http://travel.state.gov/travel/tips/...cies_1212.html

                        Register with the embassies: http://travel.state.gov/travel/tips/...tion_1186.html

                        Just like our society, we suffer the consequences of crime. You hear about it in the US because of our news outlets. The US Border here in the South borders a nation that does not respect our immigration laws, and does not always present the truth out of sympathies for human rights, rather than International law and it creates various tensions on both sides. This is a fact. However, that doesn't mean I or others do not enjoy their trips to Mexico. (I'm not talking about being cloistered in a resort). Here are some of the January crime reports that you probably won't hear in the US. So it does help to know what type of crime exists, in areas you have to travel through.

                        - El Mex reporting gun battle this afternoon on Avenida Crisantemos leaves three young people dead.

                        UPDATE: AFN: Gunmen opened fire on students; it is not clear how old these kids were, some reports are saying 14 - 17 years old, they were wearing school uniforms.

                        - AFN reports another execution in La Gloria, about the same time as the attack on the students; one man executed inside of his vehicle.

                        - Frontera reporting Jose Agustin Calderon, Secretario de Trabajo y Conflictos del Sindicatode Burocratas de Tijuana and his wife were kidnapped by a group of armed and hooded individuals from their home in Cerro Colorado.

                        - All agencies reporting one man executed in colonia Vallecitos by a group of armed men who fired on him from a moving vehicle.

                        - A group of armed and hooded individuals rammed through a garage door and entered the home and kidnapped a man in colonia Libertad. El Mex reports the man was dragged from his house.

                        - In Mariano Matamoros all agencies reporting one man found decapitated with narco message, "Move over bricklayer, men at work."

                        - In San Antonio de los Buenos, El Mex reporting one man executed, witnesses say at point blank.

                        - El Mex reporting the first execution of the year in Mexicali, one man found dead in colonia San Miquel.

                        - El Mex reports the PEP arrest one man based on an anonymous tip in colonia Libertad with car stolen from San Diego and 9mm with 12 rounds.

                        - Last night and reporting this today, El Mex states that gunmen kill one man and seriously injure another on calles Isla Todos Santos y Isla del Tiburon.

                        -El Mex, citizens alert authorities of a suspicious package left on a table at the Starbucks on Blvd. Salinas. Military/Explosives Experts arrived on the scene and managed to deactivate the device; they described the object as explosive paste products attached to wires and a battery.

                        - This morning all agenices reporting an armed commando group attack and beat security guards - two of the guards were abducted, this took place in the Chapultepec neighborhood

                        - El Mex reports at the pedestrian bridge at the 5&10, one man, aka "El Flaco" arrested by the Tijuana Municipal Police. He has been attributed with several armed robberies near the intersection of Blvd. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz,Lazaro Cardenas and the surrounding streets.

                        - State Preventative Police (PEP) recover four stolen vehicles and arrest one man in colonia Aeropuerto. Three of the vehicles were stolen from San Diego and one from Los Angeles.

                        - In colonia Postal, one man found executed, encobijado.(encobijado n. a person found wrapped in blankets after being assassinated by drug traffickers or their associates.)

                        - In La Mesa, one woman found executed, narco message left with body but contents not revealed.

                        - In colonia Florido, one man executed in broad daylight.

                        - In colonia Ampliacion Guaycura also in broad day light witnesses report two men chased by gunmen in a van shot dead.

                        - State Preventative Police recover four stolen vehicles in four separate operations and arrest one man.

                        - In ROSARITO BEACH, Municipal Police respond to report of men firing high powered weapons, no arrests are made, but the house turns out to be a workshop to dismantle vehicles:

                        El Mex, three executed and ten wounded in four different shootings during the afternoon, including the execution of Jose Fernando Labastida Fimbres:

                        - Frontera is reporting because of the El Gil arrest in La Moderna, Ensenada, it has been confirmed by the authorities that seven Tijuana Municipal police officers have been detained.

                        - All agencies reporting a gun battle between Tijuana Municipal Police and three armed men who opened fire on police after being pursued in colonia Emperadores, Tijuana. Two of the men were wounded, all three arrested.

                        - All agencies reporting four people executed throughout the day:

                        In Playas de Tijuana, one person found dead, wrapped in a blanket with narco message. Frontera reports the victim showed signs of torture.

                        In colonia 10 de Mayo, two young people shot, one of them is dead.

                        In colonia Nueva Tijuana, local residents report shortly after 2:00PM, gunfire was heard. It has been confirmed that one of the victims found dead in vehicle was an agent of the State Police, Arturo Mendivil Macias, who had been assigned to the Vehicle Theft Group working with the District Attorney in Tijuana. The other victim has not yet been identified. El Mex notes that this is the same area where three executions took place last night.

                        - El Mex reports that Antonio Ortiz Maldonado, attacked yesterday afternoon in colonia Nueva Tijuana is in serious condition.

                        - In ENSENADA, an American citizen Fernando Rios, Jr. of San Bernardino, California was arrested armed with a 9mm with 11 cartridges. He was identified by witnesses as the man who had threaten to rob and kill another man.

                        - All agencies reporting six more executions at the years end.

                        - All agencies reporting Tijuana Municipal police capture three armed men, one of whom was wearing a (false) PGJE Identification badge. These men had robbed and assaulted three businesses, one of them was armed with a .357 Magnum, 6 bullets in the cylinder.

                        - El Mex reports Tijuana Municipal Police arrest another group of three men in colonia El Rubi with a 9mm and charger with 8 cartridges.

                        - All agencies reporting the body of a naked man, beheaded with an undisclosed narco message found this morning in colonia Emperadores. Frontera updates this story this afternoon and reports this is the Ministerial Officer who was kidnapped from his home last Monday night.

                        - This evening, El Mex reports two people executed in the 70-76 area in Otay Mesa.

                        - El Mex reporting last night three businesses and a Hospital were attacked:

                        The San Jose Funeral home on 6th Street in the Zona Central riddled with bullets by an armed commando.

                        The Guzman hospital in colonia Herrera attacked by armed men with gunfire.

                        Ten vehicles totally destroyed by fire at the car lot a short distance from the Guzman Hospital. Molotov cocktails left behind.

                        According to El Mex, the gunmen fled in the direction of Libramiento Rosas Magallon where they encountered police officers and gunfire was exchanged.

                        AFN also covers this story and reveals that Dr. Fernando Guzman Cordero who was kidnapped last year and released just hours after his abduction is the owner of the Hospital and the Car Lot. Also, AFN reports last year 4/16/08 four gunmen who had been injured in a gunbattle at El Canaveral sought medical assistance at Dr. Guzman Cordero's hospital.

                        - A late report from all sources at 9:00PM Tuesday an attack on the tire store "Servicios El Gato Manso" in Mariano Matamoros, group of gunmen open fire from a moving vehicle killing two people and injuring seven others. El Mex reports five were injured.

                        - Frontera is reporting a bank (unnamed) hit on Blvd. Diaz Ordaz by two gunmen. Frontera notes that officially details have not yet been released. El Mex reporting this evening this was the Bancomer on Blvd. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz in La Mesa.

                        - Once again, El Mex is today running the DEA warning of possible future attacks and notes the US Government is asking its citizens to remain vigilant in Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, Nogales, Matamoros, Mexico City, Acapulco and in the states of Sinaloa, Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Durango:

                        In the short hours after the arrest of El Gil subsequent arrests of at least two more Municipal police officers involved with organized crime have been made; some agencies are saying as many as seven.

                        - All agencies reporting in broad daylight an armed group opened fire killing one man in the Los Alcatraces neighborhood, then stole his vehicle and fled.

                        - All agencies reporting the Mexican Army and the Tijuana Municipal Police arrest two men in colonia La Gloria after what El Mex describes as an exchange of gunfire. One of the gunmen was wounded; also seized were six rifles, 19 magazines, 374 cartridges and 7 vehicles, which according to Frontera were stolen. Frontera does not mention the shootout. It is not clear if this operation is related to yesterday's arrest of five men as reported by all agencies with a small arsenal in the Otay area. These men were stopped by officials while driving and in the vehicle were found:
                        two AR-15's, one AK-47, one .45, and over 700 bullets. Also seized by the authorities were caps, jackets and uniforms of the Military, PEP, Federal Preventative Police and Municipal Police.

                        - All agencies reporting four blankets/banners hung for public view on the bridges at Benitez and Lazaro Cardenas, Benitez and the 5&10, the bridge at El Mirador and the "Morelos" outlet with graphic sexual figures denigrating El Teo and messages which have not been revealed to the public. This is not good folks.

                        - At 9:00 AM El Mex is reporting in colonia Americas gunmen traveling in vehicle open fire and kill one man.

                        - In Tecate an armed group using extreme violence according to El Mex kidnap the 25 year old daughter of a construction businessman, who himself was kidnapped in a similar event several months ago.

                        - Another shoot out and chase between Tijuana Municipal Police and criminals on the Tijuana-Tecate free road. The men were arrested. Also, Tijuana Municipal Police arrest two men tied to OXXO robberies in the La Presa area and arrest one man in Sanchez Taboada armed with a .45.

                        - In colonia El Florido, the drug dealer "El Gato" executed.

                        - Responding to reports of gunshots, Municipal Police arrest one man in Tecate with quite a collection of firearms:

                        - Another execution noted by all agencies in the Los Pinos neighborhood close to Blvd. 2000. He had one of his hands cut off.

                        - All agencies reporting two men killed at the seafood restaurant "Las Mojarras" in La Presa, Tijuana after exchange of gunfire with armed men.

                        - El Mex reports in Ensenada (Valle Verde) Municipal Police arrest two men in possession of 205 doses of ice, 115 of cocaine, a .38, 43 cartridges and 2 magazines.

                        - In La Presa, a man while waiting for a bus was robbed and shot in his leg and foot. El mex reports that Tijuana Municipal Police arrested the two individuals responsible for this attack and have also linked them to the assaults on two Gray Line buses which occurred on 12/21/09. In those incidents. the criminals intimidated the passengers and bus drivers at gunpoint and robbed them.

                        - In colonia La Bonilla, El Mex three gunmen break into house and execute one man.

                        - All agencies reporting three kidnappings:

                        In colonia Villa Real, Tijuana a woman and her daughter taken forcibly from their home by a group of armed gunmen.

                        An officer of the PGJE assigned to vehicle theft kidnapped from his home, location undisclosed. Frontera notes that the other Ministerial officer who was kidnapped 12/17/09 was released by his abductors 12/24/09. And of course, the information coming in this evening is that this latest officer who was kidnapped was executed and beheaded.

                        - Two executions, one in Rancho Bonito near Blvd. 2000 and another in colonia Libertad:

                        - Another execution in el Florido:

                        - El Mexicano is reporting two more executions, in Soler two people killed and in La Presa, one man executed.

                        El mex reports two execution Sunday evening, one in colonia Pipila and one in colonia Ejido Lazaro Cardenas.

                        - All agencies reporting in Playas de Tijuana over a ton of marijuana seized by the Mexican Army and Tijuana Municipal Police which apparently had come onshore by boats. Four men have been arrested, no mention of weapons.

                        - In La Presa, Tijuana three men apprehended by Tijuana Municipal Police who admitted to a series of robberies of OXXO stores in the East Zone. Also seized were one 9mm with ten rounds and a "submetralladora" of the same calibre with eight shots.

                        - All agencies reporting three men executed in colonia Postal, Tijuana.

                        - In Sanchez Tabaoda,Tijuana all agencies reporting one man executed.

                        - All agencies reporting the arrest of two men linked to the kidnapping of Dr. Cota-Cota, more information as it becomes available.

                        - Frontera reports after a chase, Tijuana Municipal Police arrest three men who had just robbed two OXXO stores carrying a .38 special.

                        - El Mex reports nine more arrests throughout the city of Tijuana by the Tijuana Municipal Police and the seizure of three firearms.

                        - Frontera reports citizens detain a man for stealing a young girls gold chain in the Zona Central, Tijuana.

                        El Mex reports two armed men rob the Carl's Jr. on Blvd. Insurgentes in Cerro Colorado and hit auxiliary policeman Juan Pablo Gullen in the head with butt of gun. He was admitted to the Red Cross.

                        - El Mex reporting early this morning at Quintas del Mar in ROSARITO BEACH man shoots the security guard three times, Municipal Police did arrest the shooter. No word on the condition of the security guard.

                        - El Mex reporting on Blvd. 2000 an attempted carjacking and robbery by armed men causes a roll over, one man is dead, another under arrest.

                        - El Mex reports two minors aged 15 and 17 years old arrested in colonia Leandro Valle after officials were notified of gun shots in the area. The two minors were armed with an uzi and driving a stolen vehicle, they had also just killed another man. Just another example of the young people who have turned to crime .

                        - In the Zona Central, Tijuana, El Mex reports two men arrested for assaulting taxi driver at the point of a .38 special.

                        - All agencies reporting one man shot inside of his house in colonia Villas del Campo, Tijuana.

                        - In ENSENADA, all agencies reporting State Preventative Police arrest Alfredo Perez Rafael Peralta, an operative of the Arellano-Felix Organization (CAF) in Lomas Dorado with two AR-15's, one AK-47, two .38's, one 9mm super, 9 magazines, 690 cartridges, 2 nextel radios, 2 cell phones, one military cap, and a set of police handcuffs. He also had cash, 8K 714 dollars and 29K pesos.

                        - All agencies reporting in Otay Mesa, the Mexican Army in a joint operation with the State Preventative Police arrest seven men with 69 kilos of "glass", 49K dollars, 6,980 pesos, no mention of weapons.

                        - El Mex reports two migrants assaulted and robbed by four men in ejido Jacume, Tecate.

                        - All agencies reporting (Frontera is saying after a violent confrontation) in Villa Fontana, Tijuana, State Preventative Police rescue one person and arrest a dangerous group of five kidnappers, operatives of El Teo. Also seized were five AK-47's, 10 magazines, 300 cartridges, 2 trucks, one of which had a report of robbery with violence from 12/16.

                        - In ENSENADA, El Mex reporting on calle Mazatlan y Guaymas one person found "embolsada"(wrapped in plastic). AFN reports this was a man who had been shot and the body was dismembered.

                        - In MEXICALI, El Mex reports State Preventative Police arrests US citizen and fugitive Mario Fernandez who had escaped from prison in San Diego and was also wanted for drug trafficking. He had been hiding in colonia Baja California.

                        - All agencies reporting there was an American woman shot at the Wichos Tacos event; this was Yadaira Edith Mota, 23 years old, an innocent bystander.

                        - All agencies reporting in Ojos Negros, ENSENADA, "El Charly" leader of a kidnapping gang and also wanted for at least three murders arrested by Ministerial Police.

                        - All agencies reporting the decapitated bodies of a man and a woman found in colonia Buenos Aires.

                        - El Mex reporting inside Rancho La Huerta, TECATE, one man found executed.

                        - All agencies reporting in the soccer playing field of Otay Mesa behind the Hotel Bugambilias one man found executed and beheaded.

                        - AFN reporting in the Benton neighborhood, one man found dead form gunshots. In the same report, AFN notes one man is dead in the General Hospital from gunshots received.

                        - All agencies reporting on calle Herreria in colonia Anexa 20 de Noviembre one body found executed and wrapped in plastic.

                        - All agencies reporting one person found shot and beheaded near the Parque de la Amistad, Tijuana.

                        - All agencies reporting a group of gunmen burst into a house on calle Albino Garcia in colonia Vincente Guerrero, tijuana , open fire and kill three young men. Frontera is saying that there were many people on the street including children and the gunshots caused panic amongst the residents.

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                          Damn depressing, I think I will just stay here.......were I can shoot back
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                            We could probably get a longer print out of the San Diego local crime, just the type of crime will be different as the criminals are different. However, just know what you are dealing with when traveling abroad or across our borders. I've declined travel internationally several times after asking friends in trusted circles who have been in these zones and research, just not worth the potential risk. My last correspondence whereas I am seeking travel advice said:

                            It is not impossible to get into **. Although it is highly discouraged taken into consideration what they would do to you if they ever caught you. ** is nice but it still has it's hostilities as well so you best be careful even there. Yeah I know what your thinking perhaps. But a true professional never gets complacent. Never ever.

                            I don't think you need to be a professional, just concerned for your own safety. So asking questions is a good start. It is a fair beginning.
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