Congrats to all of the teams (Jim's Performance, Dean's Team, Uva, CRT, Boosting Performance, Game, Over, Cheezy Performance, to name a few and all of the individuals) and riders that raced. It was a great event overall.

Congrats to Jim's Performance and Angelica the skis he built did awesome taking 1st place in Spec, SuperStock and 2nd in Unlimited.
Congrats to Uva for the fasted speed in the world at 127.7 mph.

Thank you Dean for supporting me along the way. Your efforts and tunes worked awesome allowing me to just miss 1st place taking 2nd in Box Stock drags out of 10 skis, 1st in Box Stock speed alley and 5th in Stock drags out of 9 skis which I ran just for fun.

Here are all of the results of the world finals.